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1. Admission                2. Transcripts                3. Financial Aid                4. Scholarships

Once the Registrar's Office receives a student's application and transcripts, it will take up to two weeks to receive an acceptance letter.  If submitting transcripts, the Registrar's Office will perform a degree audit.  After the degree audit is complete, an advisor will request a degree summary from the Registrar's Office.  The degree summary will show exactly which courses transferred into the program and which courses remain in order to complete the degree.

A student pursuing a program leading to teaching licensure should seek admission to Teacher Education during the second semester of the sophomore year or the first semester of the junior year.  Admission to Teacher Education is a prerequisite for upper division education and methods classes.  Once all Teacher Education admission requirements have been met, a student will be admitted to the department. A student will be allowed to pre-enroll in "Restricted" classes after all requirements are met. However, a student can take "Non-Restricted" Teacher Education courses at any time.


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