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I have applied for admission - what should I do now?

All Fort Hays State University students have access to great tech support, a TigerTracks login, FHSU e-mail, on-campus wireless service, and both online and on-campus IT training.

Before using FHSU online resources, you should review the policies governing student use of computing resources at FHSU.

There can be many threats to our resources, and your use of FHSU systems implies your agreement to abide by these policies.

Activate TigerTracks

What is TigerTracks?

Under normal processing conditions, your TigerTracks account becomes available for activation within one business day after you have applied for admission to Fort Hays State University. View information about the services that use TigerTracks login and when they become available.

Go to tigertracks.fhsu.edu/register/ and select the first option - activate your login and view the TigerTracks username that has been assigned to you. For security, privacy, and legal reasons, this account may be activated ONLY by the student. For assistance, see TigerTracks Information.

Before you begin setting up accounts at FHSU, please read our information about making sure your passwords are secure.

Start Using Student E-mail

When you are admitted to FHSU, we set up a free, lifetime FHSU e-mail account for you. TigerEnroll messages are sent to your FHSU email address, and this address is provided to instructors and advisors, so you should check it frequently for class assignments and other notices. For full instructions on Learn to Use FHSU Mail and related topics, visit the E-Mail section of the CTC HelpDesk website.

After activating your TigerTracks account (see above), log in and start using your FHSU e-mail - just log in to the TigerTracks portal at: tigertracks.fhsu.edu/ and click on the Webmail tab.

Get Enrolled and Use Online Services

Log in to TigerEnroll to view available courses and reserve a seat in the classes you want to take!  FHSU Online Services (accessed through the TigerTracks portal) provides access to the TigerEnroll system, class schedules, advisor contact information, financial aid status, grades, personal contact and emergency notification information, and more! Your Tiger Tracks login is also your portal to access Forsyth Library's online resources.

Visit our laptop purchase page to find out what kinds of computers are available and get some advice on the purchase process. The on-campus wireless network supports a variety of wireless cards. Students taking online classes should check the Virtual College Technical Resources page to see if their computer meets the minimum requirements.  Remember - prices and specifications change all the time. A good strategy is to wait until later in the summer to buy a computer to make sure you get the best deal. Watch out for discounted prices on outdated models.

Get Software Discounts

Before you purchase any software to use at school, make sure you check out the FHSU Software Center. You won't be able to purchase anything until you're enrolled in classes and your payment has been processed, but there are some deep discounts for popular Microsoft and Adobe programs, as well as others - so they're worth waiting for! You can find a screencast on using the FHSU Software Center on the Learning Commons website.

What happens when I start classes?

Once you arrive at FHSU - by car, bus, plane or Internet super-highway - make sure you take advantage of the IT systems and personnel here to help you.

Get Internet Access

On-campus students have several options for Internet access at FHSU. See the Internet Access section of the CTC HelpDesk Web site for information about on-campus wireless access, residence hall Ethernet connections, and computer labs.

FHSU has a robust wireless network that supports teaching and learning activities across campus.

Get Tech Support

The CTC HelpDesk (located in Tomanek Hall 113), provides technical assistance, referral information, and access to FHSU computing and telecommunication services. They can help you with accessing and using the TigerTracks Web portal, TigerEnroll, the Blackboard course delivery system, FHSU e-mail, on-campus Internet and wireless access, student Web pages, the online Software Center, and many other technology services. To learn more about the CTC HelpDesk, visit their website.

The Learning Commons exists to help students with technology and learning, including assistance with presentations, video editing, and setting up your new computer. The One Stop Shop, also located in Forsyth Library has equipment available for loan; printing, scanning and faxing; access to online resources and tutorials to assist you in using technology at the university. Help is provided in person (inside Forsyth Library) or via phone, email, chat, or Skype.

FHSU's Virtual College is your one-stop shop for information about the various online academic programs available through FHSU. You can receive assistance by calling Virtual College support at 1-800-628-FHSU. You may also contact the Virtual College by sending an e-mail to virtualcollege@fhsu.edu.

Protect yourself against online threats

There are many potential threats to your computer. Here are a few examples:

  • Viruses, spyware, and other programs can destroy files on your computer, use your computer to launch attacks on servers, spread viruses to other computers on the network, and cause excess network traffic. Please take precautions by installing and maintaining current virus and spyware protection software and performing regular operating system updates. Information about anti-virus programs and computer maintenance is available - don't get caught unprotected!
  • Be cautious about using shareware programs to download files (including music files), because this can cause your computer to become a public resource on the network. This means that other users could look at your files and use your computer in a variety of ways.
  • Some music and video files are quite large and consume huge amounts of Internet bandwidth. The CTC reserves the right to limit the bandwidth used by any one machine in order to give others access.
  • Protect your passwords; do not share your FHSU passwords with anyone. Doing so puts you at risk not only through possible loss of your privacy, but also because you can be held legally responsible for any activity that occurs through use of your passwords. Make sure you read our information page on choosing and protecting your passwords.
  • Follow wise e-mail practices to protect your personal information.  Although FHSU’s e-mail systems block a great deal of spam, “Phishers” who send deceptive e-mails with the intent of tricking people into providing personal information employ new tactics every day and some messages cannot be effectively blocked.  NEVER send private information such as usernames, social security numbers, birth dates, or bank account numbers in an email.  We will NEVER ask you to provide private information in an e-mail. To learn more, read our E-Mail Safety page.

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