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Speed Dial Setup Request Form

(For FHSU On-Campus Phones only)

After your department is contacted by Telecommunication Services regarding your conversion date, this form should be submitted as soon as possible if you wish to have Speed Dials on your new Nex-Tech Polycom phone.

Note: You will not be notified when your Speed Dials are set up; they will be programmed into the system as soon as possible. After your Speed Dials have been set up, they will automatically display on your phone's screen following an overnight system update.

A maximum of 15 extensions may be requested. Please submit a separate form for each phone.

Submitter Name: (required)

Submitter FHSU E-Mail Address: (required)

Submitter Department: (required)

Submitter Building: (required)

Name Listed on this Extension: (required)


On- or Off-campus phone numbers may be entered as Speed Dial Extensions. To expedite programming, please enter all phone numbers/extensions using these formats:

  • On-campus numbers: Enter only the last 4 digits, for example: 3478
  • Off-campus numbers: Do NOT include a '9' for off-campus numbers. For long distance, include 1 followed by the area code, as follows: 17859999999

Enter each Display Name as you wish for it to be displayed, using 10 characters or less (only the first 10 characters entered will be displayed).

NOTE: Use the TAB key or your mouse to move from one entry to the next. (If you press the Enter key, the form will submit!)

Is this a NEW request or a CHANGE request?

*For Change Requests, enter ONLY the Speed Dial buttons you wish to have changed. To have a button removed, enter the Extension and type REMOVE in the Display Name field.

1-This Phone's Extension (required)

1-Display Name (required)


2-Display Name


3-Display Name


4-Display Name


5-Display Name


6-Display Name


7-Display Name


8-Display Name


9-Display Name


10-Display Name


11-Display Name


12-Display Name


13-Display Name


14-Display Name


15-Display Name


16-Display Name

BEFORE submitting, please review the form to ensure all entries are correct!

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