Testimonials from our Graduates

Teresa Pentecost-Willken: "The Technology Leadership Program allows for a variety of career opportunities. Leadership courses give you a background understanding to multiple types of leadership styles and understanding how to put them into action in multiple situations. The Technology courses are vital to multiple careers; most businesses and industries utilize technology on some level to succeed in today's society.

The BTL Courses have been vital to my success and advancements with my current career projects and leadership of subordinates, as well as working with area youths on multiple projects. I am now able to be considered for career options that would not have been available to me without the degree."

Predrag Basic (Jacksonville, Fla.): "I came to U.S. with the Associate Degree of Applied Science in Industrial Technology from my home country, former Yugoslavia. BS degree in Technology Leadership from FHSU was a best fit for my career path and educational background at the time. Easy transition and professional attitude and approach from FHSU staff made it a great journey and allowed me to complete my BS degree in only two years while working full time.

In the meantime, I have obtained an MBA degree and have advanced my career even further. I am working as Senior Business Systems Analyst on one IT project here in Jacksonville, FL. Thanks to that initial step and enrollment at FHSU, I was able to fulfill my dreams and excel in multiple aspects of my life. Studying at FHSU virtual college was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone that is not able to attend on campus classes."

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