Experience Hands-On Learning

By studying in a diverse environment, students will progress through challenging courses to prepare for the broad field of technology. While Technology Education and Industrial Education are available only on campus because of strong hands-on components, Technology Leadership is available online and on campus.

  • Students must embrace conceptual learning and demonstrate the application of knowledge
  • To ensure success in a professional environment, students must not only conceptualize and comprehend their subject matter, but also demonstrate techniques despite career field. The ability to perform is crucial for future employment. 
  • Exposure through introductory coursework for all areas is required to safeguard comprehension of technologies, design, materials and processes regardless of specialization area. 
  • Required, full-semester, paid internships on the industry side give students the opportunity for first-hand experience and utilization of classroom learning. 
  • Students have access to updated communication, construction and manufacturing labs that hold laser printers, computer and numerical controlled (CNC) machines, and 3-dimensional printing capabilities. 

 Take a look at the Institute of Applied Technology's network of Internship opportunities.


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