Basic Setup & Troubleshooting

Residence Hall Connection Information


All printers must use a wired connection to the computer (such as a USB connection); wireless use of personal printers is not allowed in the residence halls. In addition, printers must have their wireless capabilities completely disabled to avoid network interference problems and to ensure private use of the printer.

If the problem continues after you have completed the steps above, contact TigerTech.

Network Connection Issues

  • Restart your computer or device!
  • Macintosh/Apple computers (if you can connect): Run Software Updates (click on the Apple and choose Software Updates).
  • Wireless - basic troubleshooting:
    • Laptops or other mobile devices: Make sure your wireless switch is turned on.
    • Computers: Update your wireless drivers (or verify that they are up to date). This is included in Software Updates if you have a Macintosh. For assistance with updating your wireless drivers, please bring your computer to TigerTech (Tomanek Hall 113).
    • Go to another building on or off campus to see if you can connect.
  • Wired (Ethernet) - basic troubleshooting:
    • Shut down the computer, disconnect the power and Ethernet cables, reconnect the power and Ethernet cables, and then turn on the computer.
    • Make sure you are using the Data/Ethernet jack (slightly larger than a telephone jack). In some older buildings, the Data jack is located on the bottom edge of the wall plate. If in doubt, try all the jacks.
    • Try a different Ethernet cable.
    • Try connecting your computer to a working Data jack in another room.
    • Try connecting a different computer to your Data jack.
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