Residence Hall Connection Information

The information on this page pertains to the Fast Ethernet (wired) campus network. Please view Wireless Access Information to learn more about wireless connectivity.

Residence Hall Connection Policy

Hardware and Software Requirements

Setup and Troubleshooting Information

Unacceptable System Activity Statement

Student Network Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Residence Hall Connection Policy

By connecting your computer to an FHSU network, you agree to comply with the requirements stated in this policy.

To assist students in the fulfillment of their academic goals, all residential buildings offer ethernet-based (wired) connectivity to the campus network and Internet.

Student Responsibility

The student is responsible for:

Other Requirements
  • Students may register up to five devices through the online enrollment system. Additional registrations or changes may be made by contacting TigerTech. All registrations are automatically cleared each year during the interim session between the summer and fall semesters.
  • Switches and hubs are allowed in the residence areas. Routers are permitted as long as wireless functions have been disabled on the device.
  • No student device in the residence halls shall act as a server.
  • Students will refrain from port scans and the use of computer "hacking" software.
University Authority and Responsibility

The University will make reasonable efforts to ensure availability of the network at all times, but makes no guarantee. Access will sometimes be unavailable due to power failures, network failures, system testing and maintenance or other special circumstances. University staff are responsible for network health up to the data jack in the residence halls.

The University reserves the right to:

  • control the bandwidth allocation of recreational or non-academic traffic.
  • monitor traffic on the network to maintain integrity and performance of the network.
  • deny user or computer access to the network when used for illegal or unethical activities, or if the integrity of the network is threatened.

Violations of these policies will be referred to the appropriate University authorities.

Hardware and Software Requirements

  • 10/100 Ethernet adapter
  • CAT5e Ethernet patch cable
  • Anti-virus software configured to update automatically
  • Operating system configured to update automatically

Setup and Troubleshooting Information

PDF documents listed below may be viewed using Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader (Free)

IP Addresses are assigned automatically through DHCP; student devices should not be manually configured to use static IP addresses. All printers must use a wired connection to the computer (such as a USB connection); wireless use of personal printers is not allowed in the residence halls. In addition, printers must have their wireless capabilities completely disabled to avoid network interference problems and to ensure private use of the printer.

Students are required to register their computers and devices using an online enrollment system. The process is automatic for most computers and devices and generally requires no more than 1-2 minutes. Some devices, such as game consoles that do not have web browsing capabilities, will need to be registered manually (see rlreg.fhsu.edu to request manual registration for these devices).

To connect your computer to the wired network in the residence halls, please view the Residence Hall Network Connection Setup Guide.

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