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It is important that the FHSU website demonstrate consistency among similar features.  Consistency helps website visitors easily navigate, and increases their overall user experience.  In order to achieve this consistency, we needed to develop a style and procedure that would be straight forward and easy to follow, while outputting a consistent look and feel for all of our faculty and staff listings.  So, we've developed and released a Smart Form that will do just that for the Faculty and Staff pages.  This form is easy to use, and produces that consistent look making it easier for our website users to follow.  Get started using this new Smart Form by following the instructions below.

The pages will look slightly different for academic departments and administrative pages. However, the editing instructions are the same for both smart forms.

Academic Departments:




The smart form is already available for the academic departments. Administrative departments may contact the webmaster if they are interested in using a smart form for their staff listings.

Get Started

During the month of June, the academic departmental smart forms were created.  If you previously had a faculty and staff listing page for your department, then you should have a new Faculty and Staff page in your folder, already created based on your original page.  The second column will say Smart Form: Faculty and Staff Listing


If you already have your new smart form created, skip to the Editing my Page section of this tutorial.
If you do not have your page created, then create a new Faculty and Staff Listing page by following these steps:
•    Navigate to your folder in the CMS
•    At the top click on New > Smart Form > Faculty and Staff Listing
Your new Faculty and staff page is created.  Follow normal page procedures to give your page a title, and fill in the metadata.  

Using the Smart Form

The above image shows the Smart Form edit screen.  Each of these areas are described in detail below.

Header Introduction: The header introduction allows you to add a heading to the page, usually an H1 (ex. Biology Faculty and Staff). Bookmarks, introductory paragraphs, or any information that may be added to a Rich Area Field may be added to the header introduction.
1.    Click on “Header Introduction”
2.    A grey box will appear. Click the icon to open the Rich Area Field.
3.    Enter the information in the Rich Area Field. Click “Save”.

Enter Faculty/Staff Name: Enter the information for the faculty or staff member.
1. In the box that says “Name”, enter the person’s name.
2. Click the “Image” icon to insert the person’s image. The image will be displayed at a maximum width of 150px.  Resize your photo to 150px wide before adding it to the CMS.  Do not use the image properties to select a size for your image.  If you set a fixed size, the responsive design will no longer function correctly.  If most people on the page have images, and the person you are adding does not, use the No Photo Available image in the Library > Images folder. If none of the faculty or staff members have images, do not add the No Photo Available image.
3. Click on the icon in the grey box to open the Rich Area Field. Add the person’s details here.
4. To add the next person’s information, click “+ Faculty-staff listing”. The “Enter Faculty/Staff Name” entry boxes will appear.

Additional Content: If your contact pages are divided into multiple sections, you may use the “Additional Content” Rich Area Field to add the title to your next section. (ex. “Nursing Faculty”, “Nursing Staff” or “Faculty”, “Adjunct Faculty”, “Staff”). If you simply want to add some content to the bottom of the page, “Additional Content” may be used for this as well.

Faculty-Staff Listing 2: If you have more than one section and are using “Additional Content” as a title for the next section, use “+ Faculty-staff listing2” to add entries to your next section. It works the same as the “+ Faculty-staff listing” above.  You can currently add up to 4 sections to your page.
The menu icon next to each entry allows for easy editing and rearranging of the entries. Click the icon to get the choices below.
Insert Above: Inserts a “Enter Faculty/Staff Name” instance above the current entry.
Insert Below: Inserts a “Enter Faculty/Staff Name” instance below the current entry.
Duplicate: Creates a copy of the current entry.
Move Up: Moves the current entry one position up.
Move Down: Moves the current entry one position down.
Remove: Deletes the current entry.

Publish the page when finished!

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