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Since the FHSU website is the face of the University, it is important that the content on our website portrays the University in a positive way.  A broken link or a misspelling negatively impacts a visitor’s web experience and his/her impression of the University.  We understand that links can break without warning, and misspellings do happen.  That’s why FHSU utilizes the Siteimprove Web Governance Suite, so we can provide our CMS users with the tools they need to identify and repair broken links, and/or misspellings before they can have a negative impact on the credibility of the University.

How does it work?

Siteimprove crawls our website in search of broken links and misspellings.  Each week a report is emailed to users.  These reports will show any broken links or misspellings, and make it easy for users to make the corrections.  

Every FHSU department/unit should have a user that is set up in Siteimprove to be monitoring these reports and making the needed corrections. 

Request access to Siteimprove

Email Webmaster for access to Siteimprove.  Please include details about which pages you manage on the website.

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