Branded Photography


Photos can powerfully communicate the essence of the FHSU brand. It is important to select imagery that reflects the university’s brand and personality.

Branded FHSU images are designed to tell a story that illustrates a brand promise. The formula we use for branded images is to have a person in a conversational moment at one edge of the image and then have a secondary image in the background that shows what the person is telling you about.

A world map is often, but not always, subtly included within the image. You can view other examples throughout FHSU’s new Web site.

Complex, busy or lower-quality photos are discouraged. Consider using stock imagery when high-quality images are not available.

Do not use low-resolution images off the Web for print applications. An online library of branded images will be available on our new site.

When selecting images, remember that your audience is seeing them for the first time and does not have insider information about your organization. A photo of someone shaking hands is meaningless to an 18-year-old. Show your audience something that would be of interest to them, not you.

When you arrange for photo shoots, be sure that appropriate releases have been signed, especially if the model is underage or the subject matter of the image could be interpreted as disparaging to the model. Be sure the release covers all uses including Web, print and departmental uses.

Branded images are considered copyrighted by the university and for valid university commercial use. FHSU reserves all rights.

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