Forward thinking. World ready.

This Is the University Tagline

This is the one idea that you want to own in the hearts and minds of your most important audiences.

It is preferred that you used the entire logo, but if you need to use the tagline as a stand-alone element case-by-case approval is required.

Use the following grammatical structure: Capital “F” followed by lowercase “orward thinking”; period; space; capital “W”; “orld ready” in lower case; period. The preferred font is Book Antiqua Italic.

This Is Our Name

Our official legal name is Fort Hays State University, and that is how it should appear the first time it is mentioned in all documents, including Web pages. In addition to our formal name, there are acceptable informal names that we use beginning with a second reference. The following is a list of acceptable names by which we are identified:

  • Fort Hays State University
  • Fort Hays State
  • Ft. Hays State University
  • Ft. Hays State
  • FHSU

Be Careful with Shortcuts
Even though it is acceptable to use abbreviations on such things as T-shirts, keep in mind that not everybody in the world knows what FHSU stands for. Also, using just “Fort Hays” may create confusion with the Fort Hays historical site.

The university name must have a TM with it when it is reproduced on a commercial product. The TM is not necessary on letterhead and other official university stationery.

Our Division Names
Formal names should be used on all official publications such as letterheads, course listings, legal notices, news releases, etc. Check the FHSU Web site or the campus directory for up-to-date administrative office names and department names.

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