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FHSU Serving Military

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Serving those who serve us is a distinction that Fort Hays State University is proud to share.  Over a decade ago, FHSU was one of the original 16 schools to be accepted into the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP).  The partnership grew this week as the U.S. Navy selected Fort Hays State University's Bachelor of Business Administration in management, emphasis in human resources, for its distance learning program.

"The degree successfully meets 40 percent transferability in major and major-related requirements," said Joyce Larson, project director of the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership.

The Navy handbook that lists the available degrees is a data networking system created by the Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges. It includes those degree programs and courses that are readily transferable for military students.

"Basically, the NCPDLP partnership allows Navy members to transfer their military experience and perhaps college credit into FHSU somewhat seamlessly," said Jeremy Carlton, military success specialist at FHSU.

FHSU’s partnership with the Department of Defense currently allows more than 150 Navy students, and 550 military virtual students overall, to enroll in courses for their degree programs, said Carlton. FHSU also has about 80 on-campus military students.
This selection comes a week after FHSU received notice that U.S. News and World Reports has ranked the school as a “Best Online Program for Veterans”.   FHSU has agreements with all branches of the military, and is a proud support of the Yellow Ribbon program.  

Serving the Navy is a privilege, it helps us to have discipline and leaves us more and more prepared for life. Congratulations!
Posted by: Guilherme( Visit ) at 6/23/2017 9:20 PM

Perfect, thank you for the article! ;)
Posted by: John( Visit ) at 9/12/2017 7:12 AM

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