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Success this Semester

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It is sometimes hard to grasp how rapidly the semester, once begun, moves to conclusion. It’s hard to think that we are already in the third week of the semester. Many of you will start having your first exams soon, if you haven’t had one already, and the semester projects will be due before you know it. As an instructor, I’d like to give you some advice on how to succeed this fall.

When the instructor says to read the chapter prior to class, read it. Not only will you be better prepared for class, you will comprehend and retain the material much better. As instructors have only a limited amount of time to lecture and discuss, the lectures will make a lot more sense to you if you’ve read the chapters first. It’s also a lot easier to go from a broad knowledge base to the specifics highlighted in the lecture rather than the other way around. It will make your studying much more effective as well, and maximize your chances of success on exams.

Stay on top of your assignments. When you’re given an assignment, get right to it. Putting it off can create lots of problems, as you don’t know what will come up to keep you from getting it in on time. Many instructors do not take late work, and while missing a single homework assignment won’t necessarily kill your grade, I have had students who, at the end of the semester, missed getting the next higher course grade by the margin of the homework points lost from a single assignment.

Successfully studying for exams requires discipline. If you will keep up with the reading assignments, you will find that it is much easier to study for an exam or quiz. “Cramming” the night before an exam may work once in awhile, but in the long run, you will perform at a much higher level if you keep up with the material on a daily or, at most, weekly basis. Your exam preparation will be much more effective and will take less time, freeing you up to study for other classes or do other things.

Finally, get to know your instructor. Whether you study online or in a classroom on campus, take a few minutes to have a personal interaction with the professor. It will go a long way toward making the class more enjoyable, and every instructor likes students who show interest in the course. I had one student scan and send me a business card after the first class session. While I didn’t need the card, I still remember the name of the student who gave it to me.

Best of luck this semester! Work hard, work smart, and keep your goals in mind. Always remember that the Virtual College is here to help our students, so don’t hesitate to contact us for tutoring assistance or other student services.

Brad Goebel

Think big start small grow fast !
Posted by: Santiane( Visit ) at 11/18/2015 3:41 AM

Sometimes is better to start slow but sure and then the "grow up effect" will follow :)
Posted by: Corneille( Visit ) at 5/12/2017 6:55 AM

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