Certificate in Corrections

The primary purpose of this program is to accommodate both in-service officers interested in a specialized field, as well as undergraduate majors in any of the social sciences with a specific interest in the field of corrections. Specific career opportunities include corrections officer, human services aide, residential juvenile counseling, street outreach counseling, juvenile corrections officer and the like.   Upon completion of this certificate program, the student will be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the functions of corrections within the broader criminal justice system.

Certificate Program Requirements

JUS 100  Workshop in Criminal Justice (Corrections) 1-3 hours
PSY 230  Psychology of Human Motives 3 hours
JUS 341  Corrections 3 hours
JUS 345  Community Corrections 3 hours
JUS 375  Criminal Profiling 3 hours
JUS 380  Topics (with appropriate content) 3 hours
JUS 600  Internship (Corrections) 1-3 hours
JUS 670  Independent Study (Corrections) 1-3 hours
JUS 675  Seminar (with appropriate content) 3 hours

Contact Information
Dr. John Raacke
Fort Hays State University
Rarick Hall 233A 
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601
Phone:  (785) 628-5668
Email: jdraacke@fhsu.edu
Web: Justice Studies