Bachelor of Science in Information Networking and Telecommunications Web Development

Business, government, education, entertainment, and even organizations such as health care providers are increasingly using the World Wide Web as a vital communication and transaction tool. INT Web Development Majors have the opportunity to learn web development, e-commerce, work-flow and web-based database development. Fort Hays State University is a national center for Web Development, a Cisco/Adobe Academy, and an Oracle Academy. Students may seek web development, coding, database, video and animation, and/or artistic design skills in an interdisciplinary environment. Students may prepare for the Certified Web Design Apprentice : CWDSA and Oracle Certified Associate certifications. The web development degree also allows a student to earn a certificate in Web Development and/or E-Commerce.

Program Requirements Overview

General Education Requirements: 55 Credit Hours
INT Major Core Courses: 18 Credit Hours
Required Web Development Concentration Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Elective Web Development Concentration Courses: 15 Credit Hours
Cross-Concentration Electives: 6 Credit Hours
Free Electives: 15 Credit Hours



Detailed Degree Requirements
*Free Electives Not Included

Contact Information

 Informatics Department
Fort Hays State University

103 Heather Hall 

600 Park Street

Hays, KS 67601-4099

Phone: : 785 628-5373

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