Certificate in Law and the Courts

The Department of Justice Studies, with participation from the Department of Political Science, offers a certificate in law and the courts to undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in law, or enhancing skills relative to the understanding of the law for law enforcement officers and corrections officials. The program is open to students in all majors, as well students interested in completion of the certificate only.

Required Courses:

JUS 100  Workshop in Criminal Justice (Law and Courts) 1-3 hours
POLS 320  Introduction to the Law 3 hours
JUS 331  Criminal Law 3 hours
JUS 335  Civil Liabilities 3 hours
JUS 380  Topics (with appropriate content) 3 hours
POLS 425  Legal Research Methods 3 hours
JUS 600  Internship (Law and Courts) 1-3 hours
JUS 670  Independent Study (Law and Courts) 1-3 hours
JUS 675  Seminar (with appropriate content) 3 hours

Contact Information

Dr. John Raacke
Fort Hays State University
Rarick Hall 233A 
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601
Phone:  (785) 628-5668
Email: jdraacke@fhsu.edu
Web: Justice Studies