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Certificate in Mobile Application Development

Will having a Certificate in Mobile Application Development improve your marketability? Consider this.

Mobile application development is positioned to be a major growth industry in the next decade. Growing use of smart phones and other mobile devices drives a high level of demand for developers who are prepared to create applications for devices running on multiple operating systems.

Beyond initial application development, every new phone model must be tested for compatibility, providing great opportunities for additional work from application developers. Estimates vary, but it appears that between 35% and 45% of Americans currently use smartphones. That is an increase of nearly 60% from 2010. As that trend continues, there appears to be ample growth potential in the market to drive demand for mobile application development for years to come.

Prepare yourself for the future. Improve your marketability. Earn a certificate in Mobile Application Development from an educational leader - Fort Hays State University.

Prerequisite Courses:

  • INT 250  Introduction to Web Development (3 Credit Hours)
  • INT 653  Web Scripting Languages (3 Credit Hours)
  • CSCI 261  Computer Science 1
    CSCI 369  Java Programming (3 Credit Hours)
  • MIS 675  Seminar/MIS: Business Software Development II (3 Credit Hours)

Required Courses:

  • PHYS 608  Special Topics: Introduction to iOS Programming (3 Credit Hours)
  • MIS 673  Problem in MIS: Android Application Development (3 Credit Hours)
  • INT 678  Seminar in INT: Mobile Application Development (3 Credit Hours)
  • *INT 678  Capstone: Mobile Application Development
    *A different course number for military personnel (3 Credit Hours)


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