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Certificate in Tourism & Hospitality Leadership

All courses applied toward the certificate must be taken for credit.
Only non-majors are eligible. Courses cannot be counted toward more than one certificate; students are designated as "certificate students" when they declare an intent to complete a certificate plan (e.g., Management) and a university application; upon completion of certificate requirements, the program director will authorize the issuance of a printed certificate.

Required Courses:

MGT 620 Principles and Practices in Tourism and Hospitality Management   3 hours
LDRS 300 Introduction to Leadership Concepts   3 hours
LDRS 480 Leadership and Team Dynamics   3 hours
Choose one of the following courses:    
MGT 621 Tourism and Hospitality Marketing   3 hours
MGT 623 Meetings, Conventions, and Events Management   3 hours
MGT 624 Hotel and Resort Management   3 hours
MGT 625 International Hospitality: Problems and Planning   3 hours

Contact Information
Dr. Stacey Smith
Fort Hays State University
McCartney Hall 303
600 Park Street
Hays, KS 67601-4099
Phone: (785) 628-4696
Web: Management and Marketing