Safe-Ride: A True Campus/Community Partnership

Robert Duffy, Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network Coordinator

BACCHUS Network's Area 5 conference in Kansas City, MO, 2009

BACCHUS General Assembly in Orlando, FL, 2009


Fort Hays State University and the city of Hays have a long history of cooperation. Annually, the local Volga German Society and FHSU coordinate their Oktoberfest and Homecoming celebrations together. One of the by-products of this is the weekend in which more alcohol is consumed than any other during the year. For years the University had partnered with Access Transportation and a local distributor to provide a Safe Ride during this particular weekend.

This presentation will: 

1. Identifying key stakeholders and getting them to the table
2. Identifying funding sources and tapping into them
3. Growing partnerships
4. The importance of local research

Safe Ride Power Point