Vice President for Student Affairs

Assessments & Data

Academic Advising and Career Exploration 
Academic Advising Survey  (2004-2013)

Satisfaction Survey (spring 2010)

Career Services
Undergraduate Employment Data 
Career Service Benchmark Survey (spring 2010)

Dining Services 
Summary of Feedback (spring 2009)
On-Line Survey (spring 2009)
Athletics Focus Group Notes (spring 2009)
Catering & Memorial Union Patrons Focus Group Notes (spring 2009)
Classified Staff Focus Group Notes (spring 2009) 
Faculty Focus Group Notes (spring 2009)
International Students Focus Group Notes (spring 2009)
Off-Campus Students Focus Group Notes (spring 2009) 
Residential Students Focus Group Notes (spring 2009)

Enrollment Management 
2010 Spring Survey

Memorial Union 
2014 Back-to-School Picnic Assessment 
Memorial Union Benchmark Survey

Focus group with faculty and staff of college students (fall 2009)

Residence Life
Focus Group Notes on Future Housing (fall 2009)
Safe Zone Training Evaluation (spring 2012)
Survey on Future Housing (fall 2009)
Survey Comments on Future Housing (fall 2009)
Occupancy Trend Data (fall 2009)

Security Report
Annual Report 

Student Activities
Fraternity/Sorority Life Study (spring 2014)
Greek Week Survey (spring 2010)
Homecoming Bonfire (fall 2010)
Homecoming Parade (fall 2010)
Horizons Multicultural Student Orientation Program Assessment (fall 2014)
Leadership Development Survey (fall 2010)
Sorority Recruitment Summary (fall 2014)
Student Organization Advisor Survey (spring 2010)
Student Organization Leadership Retreat Evaluation (fall 2010)
Student Organization Transition Retreat Evaluation (spring 2012)
Student Perceptions of University Traditions (fall 2009)

Student Conduct
Student Conduct Survey (2012-2013)

Student Engagement
Adult Learners (pulse group - fall 2012)
Annual Student Impressions Survey (spring 2010)
Athletes (pulse group - spring 2012)
China Academy (pulse group - fall 2011)
Disability Students (pulse group - spring 2014)
GSA Students (pulse group - spring 2014)
Greek Students (pulse group - spring 2012)
International Students (pulse group - spring 2014)
Out-of-State Students (pulse group - fall 2013)
Residential Students (pulse group - fall 2013)
Student Athletes (pulse group - spring 2010)
Students of Color (pulse group - fall 2014)
Students of Color (pulse group - spring 2014)
Students Who Are Members of Fraternities and Sororities (pulse group - fall 2009)
Transfer Students (pulse group - fall 2013)

Student Experience
Profile of the College Student Experience

Student Health & Wellness 
H1N1 (conducted by Management & Marketing Faculty, fall 2009)
Smoking Survey (conducted by SGA, spring 2010)

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