Vice President for Student Affairs
Campus Food & Hunger Initiatives


This Campus Food & Hunger Initiatives committee was created to continue work on projects which include the FHSU Food and Garden Club, the Victor E Garden, the Tiger Food Exchange food pantry, the campus food insecurity survey, campus food packaging events, etc.



Jill Arensdorf

Sarah Bailey (s)

Dixie Balman

Sara Brungardt, Co-Chairman

Jean Gleischner

Mark Graver (Chartwells)

Pam Groff

Janelle Harding

Brittany Howell

Brenna Johnson (s)

Doreen Kamoga

Chris Kuhn

Deb Ludwig

Jenny Manry

Brendon McCampbell (s)

Luke McCampbell (s)

Amanda McCord

Shala Mills, Co-Chairman

Isaac Ortega (s)

Rhonda Schenk-Pitts

Jamie Sproul (s)

Amber White


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