Vice President for Student Affairs
Campus Food & Hunger Initiatives


This Campus Food & Hunger Initiatives committee was created to continue work on projects which include the FHSU Food and Garden Club, the Victor E Garden, the Tiger Food Exchange food pantry, the campus food insecurity survey, campus food packaging events, etc.



Jill Arensdorf

Sarah Bailey (s)

Dixie Balman

Sara Brungardt

Jean Gleischner, Co-Chairman

Pam Groff

Janelle Harding

Brittany Howell

Shane Keller (s)

Jenny Manry

Brendon McCampbell (GA)

Luke McCampbell (s)

Amanda McCord

Shala Mills

Dorothy Ochs

Rhonda Schenk-Pitts

Chad Simon (s)

Amber White, Co-Chairman


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