First Year Learning Communities as a Transition & Retention Strategy
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
Alma Hidalgo, Graduate Assistant for Student Programs
Kansas Student Affairs Conference
Lawrence, KS, October 2014

First Year Learning Communities as a Transition and Retention Strategy


Student Success Plan?  An Innovative Tool in Your Retention Tool-Kit!
Joey Linn, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Registrar
Tricia Cline, Director of Admissions
National ACT Enrollment Planners Conference, Chicago, IL, July 2014 
KACRAO Conference, Lawrence, KS, September 2014


Utilizing Technologies in Retention
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
w/Eric Wilson, Graduate Assistant for Persistence & Retention
Cristal Navarro, First Year Experience Student Coordinator
NODA: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Education Region IV Conference,
Houston, TX, February 2014

Utilizing Technologies for Retention  


Helping Males Succeed in College: Male's Experiences of Mattering and Marginalization
Roger Schieferecke, Associate Director for Student Services, KAMS & Card, K.A. (2013)
The College Student Affairs Journal. 31, (2).

Perceptions of mattering and marginalization are significant to the male experience of college.  Quantitative studies regarding the gap between women's and men's achievements in education are common in research.  However, there are fewer qualitative studies focusing on male college students' experiences.  This qualitative study investigates 21 male students' perceptions of mattering and marginalization during their college experience at a research university in the Great Plains, where the majority of students were women.


Orientation, Transition, & Retention: The Many Hats of the Small College Professional
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
w/Bonnie Dahlke, Valparaiso University & Molly Dugan, Xavier University
National Orientation Directors Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, October 2012


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