Vice President for Student Affairs

Service to Our Profession

Jon Armstrong
Assistant Director of Admissions

       Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

           Audit Committee Chair, 2013-2014
           Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair, 2010-present

Vincent Bowhay
Assistant Director of the Memorial Union

   Hays Arts Council
        Board Member, 2014-2017

   National Association for Campus Activities
Institute Series Coordinator - 2014 to present
        Student Government Institute - East Coordinator, 2014
        Student Government Institute - East Staff Member, 2012, 2013

    National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
Co-chair, Parent and Family Relations Knowledge Community, 2014-2016
       National Convention Educational Session Reviewer - 2013, 2014  

    North American Interfraternity Conference
        UIFI Facilitator - 2011

    Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
Higher Education Initiative Task Force, 2014
        Alumni Volunteer Corporation Member At Large, KS Zeta, 2013-present
    Washburn University Alumni Board of Directors
        Member, 2012-13


Nikki Brown
Coordinator of Exploratory Student Advisement & Career Exploration

     Kansas Academic Advising Network

           Communication Coordinator, 2012-2014


Brett Bruner
Director of Persistence & Retention

     National Association for Campus Activities

              2013 National Convention Educational Session Reviewer
              2013 Student Government-East Institute Staff Member
              2012 Central Regional Conference Awards Selection Committee member
              2012 Central Regional Conference Graphics Competition Selection Committee Member
              Central Regional Volunteer Development Coordinator, 2011-12  

     National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

Kansas Public Policy Representative, 2014-present
              2014 Leadership Educators Institute - Educational Session Reviewer
              2014 Student Affairs Fundraising & External Relations Conf. - Educational Session Reviewer
              2014 Assessment & Persistence Conference - Educational Session Reviewer
              2014 Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement Conference - Educational Session Reviewer
              2014 National Conf. for College women Student Leaders - Educational Session Reviewer
              Member Engagement Coordinator, Parent & Family Relations Knowledge Community, 2013
              Nominations Committee Member, Parent & Family Relations Knowledge Community, 2013
              2013 Multicultural Institute - Educational Session Reviewer

     NODA: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Education

              2016 Annual Conference Program Chair Selection Committee Member
              Board of Directors, 2010-2013
              Nominations Committee, 2010-2013
              Educational Initiatives Committee, 2014-present
              2015 Annual Conference Chair
              2014 Region IV Conference Host Selection Committee Member
              2014 Region IV Conference - Graduate Student Resume Critique Mentor
              2014 Region IV Conference CREW Member
              2014 Graduate Student Network Mocker Interviewer
              2013 Annual Conference Scholarships & Awards Reviewer
              2013 Region IV Conference Graduate Student Resume Critique Mentor
              2013 Annual Conference Educational Session Reviewer
              Webinar Coordinator, Graduate Student Network, 2013
              Annual Conference Advisory Committee, 2013-Present

       ACPA - College Student Educators International

             saGROW Career Mentoring Program - Mentor


Tricia Cline
Director of Admissions

    Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

           Awards and Accolades Committee, 2013-2014
           Local Arrangements Committee Co-Chair, 2010-2011
           College Planning Conference Committee, Chair, 2006-2008
           Planning for College Certified Presenter, 2006-Present
           Planning for College Committee, Chair, 2005-2006


Jenna Day
Jenna Day
Residential Hall Director

     American Association of University Women

        Faculty/Staff Program Co-Chair, 2014
        Faculty/Staff Membership Committee, Co-Chair

     Association of College and University Housing Officers - International

        Assessment in Management Committee Member, 2013-present
        2014 Assessment and Information Management (AIM) Conference

     Epsilon Mu Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta

         Recruitment Advisor & Sisterhood Advisor

     KARA Leadership Conference

         2013 Co-Chair

     National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

        Region IV-West Assessment, Evaluations, and Research Knowledge Community Representative,
        Women in Student Affairs Social Media Management Team Facebook Manager, 2014

     Omicron Delta Kappa



Bob Duffy
Coordinator, Drug and Alcohol Wellness Network

     The BACCHUS Network

        Kansas State Coordinator

     The Network Addressing Collegiate Alcohol & Other Drug Issues

        Kansas State/Territory Coordinator


    picture patricia griffin aace director
Patricia Griffin
Director of the Academic Advising and Career Exploration Center

    Kansas Academic Advising Network

        Association Chairman, 2000-2001, 2013-2015
        Board Member, 1999-2007

    Kansas Board of Regents

        Core Outcomes Chairman (Speech Communications) 2007-2008

    National Academic Advising Association

        Emerging Leader Mentor, 2013-2015
        South Central Region 7 Chairman, 2003-2005, 2011-2013
        South Central Region 7 Chairman, 2003-2005, 2011-2013
        National Conference Committee, 2009
        Finance Committee, 2005-2007
        Summer Institute Advisory Board, 2004-2007
        South Central Region 7 Steering Committee, 2002-2003, 2005-2007

    North Central Association, Higher Learning Commission

        Academic Quality Improvement Program, Peer Reviewer 2005-Present


Craig Karlin 
Director of Financial Assistance

    Kansas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

        President 2000-01

    Kansas Board of Regents College Access Challenge Grant Committee

          Member, 2008-Present

       National Association of Student Financial Administrators Association
Leadership & Legislative Conference, Washington, DC. March 2014 

    USA Funds Kansas Advisory Committee

          Member, 2002-Present 


Kathryn Mayes
Coordinator, Disability Student Services

     AHEAD (Association on Higher Education and Disability)

          Treasurer, KanAHEAD


Joey Linn 
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Enrollment Management

   Kansas Board of Regents   

      2013-14 Co-Chair of the KBOR Transfer Articulation Advisory Committee

   Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrar's and Admissions Officers

      Strategic Planning Committee, 2011-12 
      President, 2000-2001


Tisa Mason
Vice President for Student Affairs

     Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values

          Board Member, 2010-Present
          2912 Fraternity Executives Association Distinguished Service Award    

     Center for the Study of the College Fraternity

          Board Member, 2009-Present
          Treasurer, 2009-2011
          President, 2011-Present

    National Association for Student Personnel Administrators

          Faculty, 2010 Alice Manicur Symposium for Women Aspiring to Be Senior Student Affairs Officers
          Co-Coordinator of Programming, Fraternity and Sorority Knowledge Community, 2010-2011
          NASPA Region IV-West Awards & Exemplary Programs Coordinator, 2010-2013
          Director of Professional Standards Division, 2011-Present
          Board of Directors, 2011-2013

      North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation

           President, 2003-2004
           Awards Committee, 2010

    Sigma Kappa Foundation

        Trustee, 2006-2010


Edie McCracken
Director of the Memorial Union  

    National Association for Campus Activities 

  Board of Directors, 2014-15
           Institute Series Coordinator, 2009-Present
           Central Region Logistics Coordinator, 2011


Emily Meyer
Director, McMindes Hall

     Upper Midwest Region of ACUHO-I

        Membership Involvement, Committee Member


Keegan Nichols
Keegan Nichols
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Student Life

      National Association of Student Personnel Administrators

         NASPA AVPSA Steering Committee, Kansas Representative
         Co-Chair of Programs, NASPA Region IV-West Conference, 2013


Kenton Olliff
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Student Support Services

    Elected to the status of Fellow of the American Institute of Stress, June 2014
    Completed Service Members and Veterans on Campus: University Counseling Center Core
       Competency (UC4) Training, April 2014

    Kansas College Counseling Association

        President, 2009-2010, 2011-Present

    State of Kansas

        Statewide Healthcare Coalition Steering Committee, 2013


Becky Peterson
Director, Residential Life

     NASPA Region-IV West

          Parent and Family Knowledge Community Chair 
          Nominations Committee for Parent and Family Knowledge Community Chair

     Upper Midwest Region of ACUHO-I

         Professional Development and Training Committee Member
         Programming Committee - 2012-13


Ann Ryan-Noble
Financial Administrator, KAMS

    Kansas State Science & Engineering Fair Board

         Treasurer, 2011-Present


Alex Shaw 
Alex Shaw
Residential Hall Director

     Upper Midwest Region of ACUHO-I

        Sponsors and Events Committee Member  
        Professional Development & Training - 2012-13


Carol Solko-Olliff
Director of International Student Services

Kansas Board of Regents

        eTranscript Advisory Council, 2010-present    

Kansas International Educators

        2009 Conference Chairman

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

        Region II Conference Planning Team, 2012  
        Kansas Representative for Region II; 2009-2010
        Kansas International Educators Chairman, 2009-2010


Kathryn Wallert
Counselor, Kelly Center

     OPTIONS, Board of Directors President, 2014-present