Vice President for Student Affairs

Student Characteristics

Supporting Students of Color from Orientation to Commencement
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
 w/Teresa Clounch, Baker Univeristy
 Kansas Collaborating for Student Success: Student Development & Academic Affairs Conference
 Lindsborg, KS, April 2014

Supporting Students of Color from Orientation to Commencement

What Are Your True Colors?
Jenna Day, McMindes Hall Director
Fort Hays State University Peer Mentor Institute, March 2014


Helping Males Succeed in College: Male's Experiences of Mattering and Marginalization
Roger Schieferecke, Associate Director for Student Services, KAMS & Card, K.A. (2013)
The College Student Affairs Journal.  31, (2). 

Perceptions of mattering and marginalization are significant to the male experience of college.  Quantitative studies regarding the gap between women's and men's achievements in education are common in research.  However, there are fewer qualitative studies focusing on male college students' experiences.  This qualitative study investigates 21 male students' perceptions of mattering and marginalization during their college experience at a research university in the Great Plains, where the majority of students were women.


Advocating for Transfer & Non-Traditional Students
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
w/Janet Marling, National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students &
Robert Carroll, University of Washington
Transfer Services & Non-Traditional Students Networks' Pre-Conference Session
NODA: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention Annual Conference
San Antonio, TX, November 2013 


Today's College Student: The "New" Traditional
Brett Bruner, Director of Persistence & Retention
w/ La'Cresha Moore, University of North Texas Health Science Center
National Orientation Directors Association Region IV Conference
Little Rock, AR, February 2013

Today's College Students - The New Traditional powerpoint

A Vote for the Future - Our Students
Keynote Speaker, 2012 Annual KBEA Convention
Wichita, KS - October 2012

Twitter, reality TV, smart phones, Facebook and iPads - today's students have the ability to connect to the world in more ways than previous generations ever had the opportunity to do.  Yet are they connecting with each other, and to their academics?  How do today's students get ahead in the classroom & prepare for life after high school - and will they success in college?


Who Is In My Freshmen Class 
Joey Linn, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Enrollment Management
Kansas Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officers, 2009

This session explored the changing demographics of the freshmen class and the effect the current economy is having on their decisions.

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