Workday Frequently Asked Questions

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About Workday

What is Workday?

What can I do in Workday?

Who can use Workday?

Do I have to use Workday?

Is training required?

Is my information in Workday secure? 

Accessing Workday

How do I sign in to Workday?

What is my TigerNetID?

When is Workday available?  

What browser should I use to access Workday?  

Can I use Workday on a Mac?  

Will I be able to access Workday on a mobile device?

Getting Started as a New Employee in Workday

When will I be able to access Workday?

Can I complete my new hire information in Workday before my first day of work with the University?

Your Personal Information in Workday

How do I see my current benefit elections?

When I make changes in Workday, when do they take effect?

How do I update my personal Profile information?

What if my personal information is wrong in Workday?

Your Pay Information in Workday

How do I enter my time worked?

When are the payslips available?

How long will it take before my W-4 change takes effect?

Once I enter my direct deposit account information, how long until it takes effect?

How do I find my bank routing number and checking account number?


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