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Gustavo – Learning Community Participant & First-Generation College Student

“I now understand how critical leadership is in all areas of life.”

 After learning English at age 8, when Gustavo came to the United States from El Salvador, “Goose” has always had a heart for helping others with their challenges and new experiences. As an Orientation Assistant, Financial Aid student assistant and a leader in the residence halls, Goose is a frequent recipient of thank you notes for good service to students he has helped acclimate to college life.

 “Your first friends at college are your friends for life,” Goose says, emphasizing how important it is to him that others feel as welcome at Fort Hays State University as he did. A first-generation college student, Goose says he was reserved and unsure of what to expect in his transition to college, but as a Learning Community participant, his early-arrival on campus to meet classmates and faculty enabled him to “branch out.”

Meeting different types of people and students of different majors allowed Goose to seek out diverse experiences that he believes, without the Learning Community,he would not otherwise have pursued. While student activities have allowed him to bring together his cultural roots and spiritual life, his coursework continues to expand his perspectives. His favorite class, leadership, is already beginning to shape his career decisions.

 “I may want to work in Student Affairs,” he says as he explains that he is changing his major from radiology to psychology because he hopes to be able to help people more in that field. After his graduation from Fort Hays, he hopes to become an Admissions Counselor.

“I wrote a thank you note to the donor who support me with a scholarship, but at the time I did not fully understand what that really meant,” Goose says. “Now I see how much of a difference these opportunities have made and I appreciate them more.”

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