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Jacob - Graduate Assistant

Originally from Elizabeth, CO, Jacob attended a small private college in central Kansas for his undergraduate degree. When choosing his graduate school, Jacob decided it was time to take on a larger challenge. Jacob is a student in the Higher Education Student Affairs graduate program. As part of his graduate experience, he has taken on the role of graduate assistant for First Year Experience programs at FHSU, a position funded in part by donors to the Make an Impact campaign.

“I chose FHSU because it is a public institution, it is larger than my undergraduate institution, and offered a fantastic assistantship opportunity.”

The assistantship opportunity with First Year Experience programs includes working with first-year students via pre-enrollment activities, orientation, and the FYE seminar course. Additionally, it entails creating new and exciting opportunities for first-year students to feel more connected to the university. It has allowed Jacob to connect what he is learning in the classroom to its practical application in the higher education setting.

“The greatest benefit of this assistantship has been able to see my course work in action through work: being able to apply theories, seeing the tensions and solutions of our textbook being played out in the office, and using the knowledge from class to form and improve my work.”

Most interested in persistence and retention, student organizations, leadership development, and counseling, Jacob is getting a little bit of everything through his assistantship with the Division of Student Affairs. He is learning more about the underlying complexities of improving the college experience for students on a daily basis—something that the Division strives for.

“I have always had a heart for service and education but never envisioned myself as a traditional educator. After exploring some other career paths through internships and some prayerful reflection, Student Affairs became a clear vocational choice. I am excited and joyous for the opportunity to help students become the best they can be in and out of the classroom!”

Although it has come with its challenges, Jacob’s assistantship has provided him with a plethora of opportunities like attending the Kansas Student Affairs Conference, to learn from other graduate assistants in the state. He will also be an attendee at the National Orientation Directors Association conference to learn more about first year experience programs being offered at collegiate institutions across the nation.

“My experience at FHSU has been so successful with my position because I am able to reach a deeper level of application with the course materials. I will also successful entering the work force with more education and experience.”

Encouraging potential in students like Jacob is investing in not only their future, but the future of generations of college students to come. In this way, your gift to the Division of Student Affairs has impact on more than one generation of young people. Make an impact today!


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