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July 2016

The Tobacco-Free campus policy took effect.

May 2015

Task Force members presented information and answered questions about the Tobacco-Free Campus Policy with the Student Government Association.

May 2015

The recommended Tobacco-Free Campus Policy was approved unanimously by the President's Cabinet.

March 2015

Task Force members met with a group of international students to discuss the proposed tobacco policy.

March 2015

Task Force members met with the Student Government Association Executive Board to discuss the proposed tobacco policy.

February 2015

The Task Force submitted a tobacco-free policy recommendation and implementation plan to Vice-President for Student Affairs.

November 2014

The Docking Institute administered a tobacco survey to faculty, staff, and students. (link to the Survey Final Report)

October 2014

Seven members of the Tobacco Policy Task Force attended the Forum on Tobacco-Free Campus Policy, in Kansas City, Missouri.

October 2014

Ty Patterson, Director of the National Center for Tobacco Policy, visited campus to meet with various groups about tobacco policy. (link to summary of Ty's visit)

September 2014

The Tobacco Policy Task Force was created to review the current FHSU Tobacco Policy, make a recommendation for revising the policy, and create an education/communication, implementation, and compliance plan for the new policy.

July 2014

FHSU was awarded a $25,000 grant from the Kansas Health Foundation to "implement policies that strengthen wellness and create a comprehensive tobacco-free environment." With grant funds, FHSU contracted with Ty Patterson, Director of the National Center for Tobacco Policy, for consulting services.

Tobacco Policy Task Force Charge:

To strengthen FHSU's current tobacco policy and move the campus forward toward the goal of achieving a tobacco-free campus (President's Cabinet, April 2014). Towards this end the task force should complete the following work:
Identify the most effective reason(s) for making the campus tobacco-free.

  • Identify evidence-based practices shown to be effective in addressing the issue of tobacco usage.
  • Revisit the current policy to better understand the processes necessary to create a culture change regarding the use of tobacco products at FHSU.
  • Determine next steps to include organization, information, time line, communication, sustainability processes, and evaluation.
  • Propose any policy amendments necessary.
  • Create and implement an overall education/communication plan for the new policy.
  • Develop a compliance/enforcement process for the policy.
  • Institutionalize the work group so that it becomes a standing committee of the University shared governance system.
  • Adopt a periodic sustainability process reviewing the activities in place and the strategies related to the compliance of the policy post implementation to ensure the campus effectively achieves a tobacco-free culture. This process will include the identification of ongoing institutional support for continued education, communication, enforcement, and evaluation.
  • Identify a person to write "our story" of how FHSU made its campus tobacco-free for both historical purposes as well as to help other institutions learn from our experience.
  • Follow all terms of the grant and submit required reports on time.

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting 09/12/14 - Minutes

Meeting 09/26/14 - Minutes

Meeting 10/03/14 - Minutes

Meeting 10/17/14 - Minutes

Meeting 11/07/14 - Minutes

Meeting 12/05/14 - Minutes

Meeting 01/16/15 - Minutes

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