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                   National Science Teachers Association



 The National Science Teachers Association

The NSTA is an organization dedicated to promoting efficient learning in academic settings relating to science. By providing its 60,000 members with resources designed to improve innovation in learning and teaching, the NSTA will increase science literacy in future generations. Academic instructors can visit the website for   information and resources pertaining to science.

 FHSU Student National Science Teachers Association

 FHSU's Science and Mathematics Education Institute is proud to promote a student chapter of the NSTA. The student chapters, located at different universities in 37 states, offer experience in teaching and leadership positions, opportunities for substantial career growth and networking. Those who wish to become involved with an  NSTA Student Chapter must be enrolled in an accredited college or university as a student with an interest in science education. Student membership may be upgraded to teacher membership upon graduation. Membership in this FHSU NSTA Student Chapter is available by contacting Dr. Paul Adams at

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