MPS Comprehensive Exam and final Project or Internship Requirements

Comprehensive Exams

Each candidate for the MPS degree must pass the program's comprehensive examinations. All comprehensive examinations for this degree are administered at the program or concentration level by the program advisor. Please check with your advisor about this requirement when you are ready to sit for examinations. Students desiring to sit for program comprehensive examinations must have an approved program of study on file with the Graduate School and must be admitted to candidacy and communicate with the Graduate School by the established semester deadline. Advisors are responsible for submitting programs of study and candidacy applications to the Graduate School.

MPS programs (concentrations) shall design their own comprehensive examinations that fall within these general university guidelines (University Catalog):

Each applicant for a graduate degree must satisfactorily pass a comprehensive examination over the subject fields of the program. The comprehensive examination is not merely a reexamination of materials covered in coursework but is a test of the graduate degree candidate's ability to integrate materials from the graduate major and any related or supporting fields. If a student writes a thesis, the student will sit for a minimum of four hours of comprehensive examinations; if a student does not write a thesis, the student will sit for a minimum of eight hours of comprehensive examinations. Each department will determine the content of the comprehensive examination; the examination may be written and/or oral. Each department will develop comprehensive examination procedures that are congruent with Graduate School policy and publish and disseminate these procedures to all newly admitted graduate students in the first semester of graduate study.

The applicant must be admitted to candidacy before being eligible to take the comprehensive examination. Normally, the comprehensive examination is taken upon the completion of all courses in the program of study or during the final semester of enrollment.

Final Project or Internship

Candidates for the MPS degree must complete 3 credit hours of final project or internship. Students may enroll in departmental projects or internship courses or IDS 820 Projects in Liberal or Professional Studies or IDS 890 Internship in Liberal or Professional Studies to fulfill this requirement. The program advisor will determine the size and scope of the project or internship and establish syllabi for such courses that meet the minimum requirements of the Graduate School. The Graduate School will establish a committee of MPS faculty members to establish and review minimum requirements on an ad hoc basis to assure program quality.

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