Comprehensive Examinations

Each applicant for a graduate degree must satisfactorily pass a comprehensive examination over the subject fields of the program. The comprehensive examination is not merely a re-examination of materials covered in coursework, but it is a test of the graduate degree candidate's ability to integrate materials from the graduate major and any related or supporting fields.

Students must have an approved program of study and candidacy form on file in the Graduate School prior to signing up for comprehensive examinations. If a program of study or application for candidacy has not been filed, the advisor should be contacted.

Please see Deadlines for the deadline date to sign up for comprehensive examinations, as well as for the date comprehensive examination results (both written and/or oral) are due in the Graduate School.

To sign up for comprehensive exams, please submit this form by the deadline for the semester you wish to take your exam.

For further information, please contact the Graduate School at 785-628-4236.

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