Financial Requirements for International Graduate Applicants

Tuition & Fees      $10,333.44 
Room & Board (9 months, double occupancy, open access meal plan)          $7,669
Health Insurance (required) $1,500
Books & Supplies $1,900
TOTAL $21,402.44 

Fort Hays State University welcomes applications for admission from qualified international students. International students must be able to certify that the necessary funds are available to cover the cost of all the necessary living and educational expenses for their entire period of proposed study. The projected educational/living costs for one calendar year is $21,402.44

Scholarships, graduate assistantship stipends, and guaranteed work study appointments can be used to reduce the estimated cost of attendance amount on the I-20.  If you will be supported privately, your family or sponsor must complete an International Graduate Student Financial Data form.  This document must be completed in its entirety to be acceptable for admission purposes.  Also, this document must be certified by a bank official verifying that funds are available.  If you will be supported by your government or by a sponsoring agency or organization, you must submit a certified copy of the scholarship award.  The amount of money provided and the method of payment to you should be described in this document.   For fastest service, please send a scan of this document to the Graduate School

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