Creating a New IRB Study

Applications for all research involving human subjects must be submitted electronically through IRBNet. It must be utilized for the submission of new and continuing applications packages for all types of review (i.e., exempt, expedited and full review). New protocols, revisions, continuations, modifications, final reports, etc. will not be accepted on paper or by e-mail. Follow the instructions below. PLEASE DISCARD ALL OLD FORMS AND USE THE NEW FORMS, WHICH ARE AVAILABLE IN THE IRBNet DOCUMENT LIBRARY.

DO NOT REQUEST A DEMO ON THE IRBNet WEB PAGE; this is not a training application and does not pertain to your proposal! If you have any questions, or would like to schedule in-person training, please email or call 785-628-4349.

CITI Training Information - IMPORTANT
Effective January 1, 2014 the FHSU IRB requires completion of CITI training prior to submitting an application to conduct research. Principal Investigators (faculty and students), faculty supervising student research, and all members of the research team MUST complete CITI training BEFORE submitting an application to the IRB.

NEW-USE THIS ONE ->  Updated IRB Application 


Instructions for new user registration

New User Registration slide shows available for new researchers -- email for access.

IMPORTANT: We use the same system (IRBNet) for the IRB and the IACUC (animal care and use). Be sure to select the IRB forms and to submit to the IRB, not the IACUC!!

Instructions: Create a New Study
Includes helpful information for faculty supervising student research.

Create a New Study slide show is available for faculty and student researchers--email for access.

Instructions for researchers not affiliated with FHSU
PLEASE NOTE: The FHSU application form (located in the IRBNet system) MUST be used. You may attach documentation from your own institution but you will need to complete and submit the FHSU form for your proposal to be reviewed. Please follow the link for more instructions.

Submission Types and Deadlines

IRB FAQs (Is it research? and Review Categories)

Information: Students & Employees as Research Subjects

Tips for IRB Submissions-Some useful information!

Informed Consent Requirements

IRB Approval Requirements

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