Lessons Learned and Feedback from 2011 URE Participants

"The one-on-one mentoring was very effective in meeting our goals for the students. To make the process more streamlined, we would schedule our research lab as a class with a dedicated tine, to manage time more efficiently for the professors and minimize duplication of instruction. Also learned was that students needed more of our guidance than we anticipated on literature reviews and critiques. We should have targeted the literature searches more distinctly. "URE Faculty Mentor

"The student demonstrated the best possible path to success in undergraduate research. She volunteered her time last summer to gain relevant experience, and she quickly learned many of the techniques used in research. She displayed remarkable initiative for an undergraduate student, and has shown herself to be a dedicated researcher. She cam up with the research questions for the study. She has begun to apply for small research grants to help fund the project. Furthermore, she began this process before the start of her freshman year at FHSU. "URE Faculty Mentor

"..research experience is tremendously valuable for young scientists. Students learn that science is a process, and not just facts in a textbook. This process begins when appropriate research questions are asked, and is completed when results are published in peer-reviewed journals. Understanding this process, and having experience in this process is the best type of training for a young scientist. "URE Faculty Mentor

"I began working closely with K. but she displayed an increasing ability to work independently on many tasks… After an initial training period, I allowed K. to work more independently, but I always maintain regular checks and meetings with students to ensure the work continues without problems. K. has flourished under this style of mentorship, and she has already demonstrated a great deal of initiative and responsibility during her work experience."URE Faculty Mentor

"I think most people who enter graduate school in any field have a passion for the subject but little idea of what the work for the doctorate entails or what academic work at the professional level requires. My hope was that while I taught my student specific skills in research, I would also be able to give her a broad roadmap for her future in academia."URE Faculty Mentor

" Through this process, students are: (a) learning about the discipline through hands-on activities, (b) researching specialty areas within the field, (c) developing mentor-mentee relationships with two faculty members, and (d) beginning to act like graduate students in their day to day behaviors."- URE Faculty Mentor

Student feedback on attending a professional conference with faculty (travel money provided by URE grant)

"I recently had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio for the SWPA 2011 conference with my lab partners and several faculty members from the department. This conference benefited me in so many ways. I had never attended a conference before, so I did not know what to expect, but I never expected it to be so fun and so beneficial. We attended several sessions, including one on getting into graduate school, which was very helpful." -2011 URE Student

"Another aspect that I know will help me in the future was the opportunity to connect with the faculty from my department and to network with faculty and students from schools around the region. This was very beneficial, because I got to build my relationships with the faculty here, who will be helping me obtain my bachelor's degree and with the entire graduate school application and selection process. I also got to meet many people from other schools, and these connections will be very helpful in the future."-2011 URE Student

" One of my favorite parts of the conference was getting to look at all the poster presentations each day. It was interesting to see all the research other people were doing and it showed me that someday I will be able to present and it would not be as hard as I was expecting it would be. It was relaxed and informative and I learned how to read the posters and understand the results after just a few days."-2011 URE Student

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