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What our Students Say: 

“Undergraduate research has taught me much about time management, which is a good skill to have in any profession. It has given me the opportunity to develop many professional relationships both at FHSU and other institutions. I have learned a lot about myself in the progress, namely that I can do many more things then I ever thought possible. I believe the opportunities I have taken to conduct research will serve me well in the future as they have cultivated a skeptical mind and instilled a motivation and belief in myself that I would otherwise not have. Doing research as an undergraduate has been one of the best experiences of my life!” S.B. (Psychology, Senior)

“My time spent in undergrad research has been nothing but a learning experience. I walked in knowing very little about the complete process of applying for a study, providing all of the needed information, and all of the little things that go into the research. This is something that I will take with me into graduate school, and beyond in my career, as my degree is one that allows me to be a lifetime learner! I will always have to further my knowledge to be successful in the Communication Sciences and Disorders field. Not only have I learned the process, but I have also been a part of furthering the knowledge of future SLP’s and have forever left my mark at Fort Hays State University! I am extremely thankful for the opportunity!”  J. P. (Communication Disorders, Senior).

“I have learned more from participating in undergraduate research than I have from most classes I have taken in college. Creating and conducting a research project is taking the theories, methods, statistical analysis and writing skills learned in class; and applying them in a way that yields a tangible result. The impact of having the opportunity to see these tangible results helped me to become a better student and professional, as well as deepened my understanding of concepts I learned in the classroom setting. These opportunities helped me grow my strengths in areas such as time management, leadership and organizational skills. My undergraduate research experience has been one of the most rewarding ventures I have had the great pleasure of being involved in. More importantly, having the ability to create a project and follow it through to the end has ignited a passion I will carry for a lifetime. “ J. S. (Psychology, Senior)

“Undergraduate research provided me with more opportunities than I had ever expected.  Initially, by participating in undergraduate research, I was provided with a safe environment to problem solve and learn new laboratory techniques. However, I never expected undergraduate research to impact my life in the positive way that it did.  First, I presented my undergraduate research at scientific conferences, which helped me develop essential communication skills.  Second, this opportunity significantly strengthened my resume and made me a more desirable candidate for professional school. Finally, the most important aspect of my undergraduate research experience was the positive professional relationship that I formed with my research advisor, Dr. Kobayashi.  He pushed me to critically think about my research and better myself as a researcher, student, and person.  Thanks to the support of Dr. Kobayashi and the support of many other professors that I have met through undergraduate research, I have been accepted into medical school at Kansas University School of Medicine.  The skills and abilities that I have acquired by participating in undergraduate research have helped me achieve my dream of attending medical school.” O.A. (Biology, Senior)

“Research as an undergraduate student has impacted me in at least three ways: I have become more decisive, more focused, and more of a leader. Knowing who you are and what you want to do or study is a significant factor in deciding what you would like to research, and even more-so is understanding enough about your study interests to know the questions that have yet to be answered. After deciphering what it is a student wants to research, the next step is to maintain the focus and effort that is needed to get the work done and keep a steady course, because it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed with other ideas. My leadership skills have sharpened because I have learned how to depend on myself and be reliable for others who depend on me to get the deadlines met and keep communication lines open. Overall, I thoroughly enjoy research and I am proud of the small work I have achieved so far.” C.L. (Psychology, Junior)

Current Faculty-Student
Undergraduate Research Experience Projects

Students and faculty are collaborating in a variety of different ways on research and creative activities that contribute to scholarship and learning at Fort Hays State University.

2017 John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day Undergraduate Research video.

Sternberg Controlled Burn 2017 video with Dr. Mitch Greer, Biology.

Science Cafe Video

Powerpoint created by Dr. Jack Maseberg, Physics Department

Balloon launch video Dr. Jack Masebarg


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