Student Research

Keri Caudle

Mentor Professor: Dr. Brian Maricle, Assistant Professor of Biology

Project: My study examined how off-shore oil spills affect native coastal plants and salt marsh plant communities along the U.S. coastline. Specifically, we are determining if spilled oil affects photosynthesis and respiration in native coastal species and whether this stress impacts a salt marsh plant community by changes in plant biomass and photosynthesis.

Results: So far, we have seen differences between high marsh and low marsh plants in terms of respiration but not photosynthesis. We are collecting results on plant biomass and photosynthesis from the greenhouse salt marsh community experiment starting in Spring 2012.

I've been thoroughly impressed by the incredible one-on-one mentorship I've received and seeing how excited faculty are about their research. I've discovered my strengths and improved my weaknesses, and I have found a career field that I purely enjoy.

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Michelle Webb

Mentor Professor: Dr. Cheryl Hofstetter Duffy

Project: In 2009, I assisted Dr. Duffy in conducting research about community-based writing, which is public writing that meets the needs of community agencies while helping students achieve academic objectives.

Results: Dr. Duffy incorporated my research into her own research, Giving a presentation at the National Council of Teachers of English Conference and publishing an article in the Ohio Journal of English Language Arts.

Career Impact: My research experience has given me the confidence to write a master's thesis. If I decide to pursue a Ph.D., my experience researching for a conference presentation or publication will help me be more successful as a professor.

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Current Faculty-Student
Undergraduate Research Experience Projects

Students and faculty are collaborating in a variety of different ways on research and creative activities that contribute to scholarship and learning at Fort Hays State University.

For example, a team of undergraduate students actively participated in a project using balloon satellite systems to study the upper atmosphere. Click on the links below to view related media and a Science Cafe' presentation!

2017 John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day Undergraduate Research video.

Sternberg Controlled Burn 2017 video with Dr. Mitch Greer, Biology.

Science Cafe Video

Powerpoint created by Dr. Jack Maseberg, Physics Department

Balloon launch video shot on iPhone.

View the images of the launch

Balloon launch movie created and put together by Jon Folkerts
Balloon launch still image composite created by Dr. Jack Maseberg


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