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Distance Learning: Quality Assurance

The following free resources are available to educators interested in using forms to implement informal assessment techniques in their courses. While some of these resources require access to directories on the server (faculty should check with their information technology staff), others can be implemented in any Web page to collect assessment data.

http://www.intered.com This site has some useful articles and assessment insights.

http://www.pagetutor.com HTML Forms tutorial provides information on creating forms in five easy to follow lessons. The entire tutorial is also available for download to a local machine for offline browsing.

http://www.freedback.com/index.php Provides users the ability to create feedback forms without using Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts. A menu-driven approach generates all HTML code needed to insert into a Web page.

http://bignosebird.com/carchive/bnbform.shtml BNBFORM All-in-One Form Processing Script. CGI script configured via the HTML form that directs data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message. Written in PERL5 for Unix-based servers.

http://www.response-o-matic.com/ Allows users to create forms without the need to do any programming, by using a template-based form wizard. Users filling out the form also get a confirmation message. The forms created can be moved to any Web site without much customization and work with most Internet service providers.


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