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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Safety, Workplace and Campus


Fort Hays State University is committed to prevent, deter and respond to acts of violence to ensure the safety and security of the entire University community. Acts of violence include, but are not limited to, threatening statements or communications, threatening or intimidating behaviors, violation of the university weapons policy, and other conduct that is disruptive to the mission or functions of FHSU. Acts of violence will not be tolerated.

Any person who engages in any act of violence on property owned or controlled by FHSU may be removed from the premises and face other discipline in accordance with this policy. Such behavior occurring off university-owned or controlled property but directed at FHSU employees or community members while conducting official University business is also a violation of this policy. Finally, acts of violence are also prohibited during institutional programs or events held away from university-owned or controlled property.


Reporting Violations of this Policy

Notwithstanding anything contained below, if the reporting party feels that the harm or threat is imminent, they are responsible for notifying the University Police Department or for dialing 911 immediately.

It is the responsibility of any university community member with knowledge of an act of violence or other violation of this policy to report such. See FHSU's University Policy Regarding Crime Reporting, located at If the reporting party is a student, the student is encouraged to report the conduct to the Vice President of Student Affairs, but may make the report to any employee of FHSU who is then responsible for forwarding the report to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

If the reporting party is an FHSU employee, the employee is encouraged to report the violation of this policy to the Vice President of Student Affairs but may make the report to their immediate supervisor who is then responsible for forwarding the report to the Vice President of Student Affairs. If for whatever reason the reporting party is unable or unwilling to report the violation to his or her immediate supervisor, then the report should be made to his or her supervisor's immediate supervisor (for example, if the reporting party is a faculty member, and they cannot for whatever reason make the report to their department chair, then the dean of the faculty member's college should be notified.)

If the reporting party is neither a student nor employee, the Vice President of Student Affairs should be notified of an act of violence or other violation of this policy.

All reports and any investigation conducted pursuant hereto will be kept confidential, except that persons with the need to know of such report including but not limited to supervisors in the case of violations of this policy by employees, and Student Affairs staff in the case of violations of this policy by students, may be informed of the substance of the report as may be necessary.

Protective Orders

Each employee, student, or other university community member who receives a protective or restraining order which lists university-owned or leased premises as a protected area is required to provide the Director of University Police with a copy of such order. If the restraining order does not specifically list university-owned or controlled property, but rather generally applies to an employee, student or university community member, such person is encouraged to provide a copy of such order to the Director of University Police.

Retaliation and False Reports

It is a violation of this policy for FHSU to retaliate against any university community member for reporting, in good faith, any act of violence pursuant to this policy. It is likewise a violation of this policy for any person to knowingly submit a false report.

Consequences for Violation of Policy

If the Violator is a Student

  • The violator may be subject to proceedings in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. Such discipline may include but is not limited to reprimand, suspension or expulsion.

If the Violator is an Employee

  • The violator is subject to discipline including but not limited to reprimand, suspension or termination. Employee is entitled to utilize existing FHSU grievance procedures applicable to the employee when disciplinary action is taken.

If the Violator is neither a Student or Employee

  • The violator may be removed from University owned or controlled property, any business relationships between FHSU and the violator may be terminated, and other appropriate action may be taken against violator.

All violators of this policy may be subject to criminal prosecution, if their violation of the policy also constitutes a criminal offense.

Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team

The Vice President of Student Affairs or designee is the coordinator of FHSU's Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team (MTAT).
In lieu of or in addition to any established process for responding to the report, MTAT may take one or more of the following actions in response to a reported event:

  • If the reported circumstance is of the nature typically addressed by the university's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer (formerly Affirmative Action Officer), or alleges retaliation for the making of a report in violation of this policy, the matter will be referred to the EEO Officer for handling.
  • If the report alleges the filing of a false report by another person, the matter will be referred to the immediate supervisor of the person alleged to have filed the false report.

MTAT may consult with appropriate University officials concerning reported conduct and/or violations of this policy, even if such officials are not members of MTAT. Examples of officials who may be consulted include but are not limited to University General Counsel, Vice Presidents, faculty members, and supervisors of persons alleged to be in violation of this policy.

Promulgation and Training

This policy will become effective with final approval by President's Cabinet. Upon approval, the University community will be notified of the policy and it will be placed on the University's website at The University will endeavor to periodically remind the University community of the contents and requirements of this policy and specific training sessions will be held at reasonably necessary intervals of specific groups of University faculty, staff and students to inform them of their obligations under this policy and to attempt to ensure as safe of a campus and workplace as possible.


The appendix to this policy contains information designed to assist persons in keeping themselves and the entire university community free from violence. Specifically, the appendix includes important contact information and links to other pertinent information.


Important Contact Information

University Police Department Emergency # 911
Custer Hall 110 Non-emergency # 628-5304

Hays Police Department Emergency # 911
1204 Fort Non-emergency # 625-1011

Hays Fire Department Emergency # 911
1507 Main Non-emergency # 628-7330

Student Affairs 628-4277
Sheridan Hall 208

Equal Employment Officer 628-4175
Sheridan Hall 314


Links to Pertinent Information

University's Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team:

University Weapons Policy:

State of Kansas Workplace Violence Policy:

University's Harassment Policy:

Equal Employment Opportunity:

University's Crisis Management Policy:

University's Timely Warning Policy:

University's Policy Regarding Crime Reporting:

Classified Handbook Grievance Policy:

Memorandum of Understanding with FHSU/AAUP:

Student Code of Conduct:


Emergency Phone Locations

The 7 kiosks are located in the following locations:

1. Southwest corner of Davis Hall
2. West of Picken Hall in the middle of the quad
3. East of Picken Hall
4. Southwest corner of McCartney Hall
5. North of Wiest Hall A-Section
6. Southeast corner of Tomanek Hall
7. Stadium Place apartments

Adopted by President's Cabinet (05/06/09).

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