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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 1 -- General Policies

Website Advertising

University websites are designed principally for the purpose of informing current students, prospective students, parents, alumni and other interested persons about the University and its courses of study and activities. The websites are primarily for educational and informative purposes. Allowing the advertising of private business on University websites has the potential to distract the user and confuse the purposes for which the sites were designed. Therefore, advertising on any of the University websites which may include, but are not limited to, the official Fort Hays State University website, the Fort Hays State University Athletic Association website, and other related or affiliated websites is prohibited unless approved by the President of the University or the President's designee.

In determining whether advertising in any given case should be allowed, the following principles and considerations should be followed:

1. Any method of advertising having the potential to annoy, confuse or disrupt the user is prohibited. The University President or the President's designee has the discretion to determine whether any such method of advertising falls under this general prohibition.

2. Permissible advertising is that which promotes goods or services that relate directly to any of the University's activities, overall mission, and/or services provided by vendors under contract with the University.

3. Any logos used in advertising should be subtle, tasteful and not allowed to distract the user.

4. Advertisements which support or endorse any political official, candidate, party and/or view should not be allowed, unless the advertisement relates to an issue of relevance or significance to any of the University's activities, services or mission.

5. Any advertisement containing any indecent, offensive, derogatory or discriminatory content is prohibited.


Approved by President's Cabinet (3/2/2005)

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