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Faculty and Unclassified Staff Handbook
Chapter 3 -- Faculty: Employment, Tenure, Promotion, and Merit

Salaries, Virtual College


Off-campus students are a diverse population with differences in educational requirements, motivation, constraints, goals, and opportunities. FHSU's Virtual College accommodates these differences by assisting its students to overcome or minimize barriers such as location, finance, and time by means of available learning resources through mediated delivery of instruction.

The Virtual College coordinates all off-campus, face-to-face, and mediated academic extension programs of FHSU and provides educational, staff development, and training programs through off-campus, face-to-face, and mediated instruction. The Virtual College offers both degree and non-degree programs for students and uses technology to provide programs to place-bound students.

The Virtual College provides college-level courses using mediated technology and practical, customized course work to prepare students for in-demand professional fields in their regions. FHSU's programs offer accessibility to distance conferences and fiber optic connections throughout the Midwest and work in partnership with communities and professional fields to provide high-quality credit offerings.

Policies and Procedures

1. The standard rate of remuneration per credit hour for all nine-month, core faculty teaching in overload status for the Virtual College during any semester or the summer session will be 20 percent per credit hour of 1/9 of the instructor's regular academic year base salary. Virtual College courses may be taught in-load.

2. All Virtual College courses are compensated based on a minimum of 10 undergraduate/graduate students in all 100-699 level courses (stand alone courses) and a minimum of 5 graduate students in all courses numbered 800 level and above. A faculty member can be appointed for a pro-rated salary based on the proportion of the identified minimums. The faculty member's signature on the Virtual College appointment form implies consent with the pro-rating of salary as necessary. Student enrollment for salary purposes will be calculated at the end of the 20th day for semester-based classes. During the summer session, student enrollment will be calculated at the end of the fourth day of classes for a four-week course and at the end of the eighth day of classes for an eight-week course.

3. The provost and director of the Virtual College will identify appropriate course maximums in consultation with the Virtual College Advisory Committee, Academic Council, department chairs and faculty. The Virtual College director may approve extra pay on a per-student basis for enrollment exceeding a course maximum. Permission to exceed a course maximum must be approved by the appropriate faculty member, department chair, college dean and director of the Virtual College.

4. The Virtual College may provide additional assistance to faculty (e.g., graders, proctors for tests, etc., see Virtual College Faculty Services).

5. The Virtual College may provide development monies for existing courses redesigned for off-campus use or for new courses (regular Faculty Senate/Graduate Council approval processes apply).

Approved by Faculty Senate (03-99).

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