Faculty Scholarship: Research and Creative Activities.
Support, Resources and Awards

Faculty Scholarship Development and Resources

Preparation and conversations are keys to developing a strong research agenda. Review current research and creative accomplishments within your field. Consider the significance of your scholarship on the field. Develop your scholarly project, calendar, outcome goals and assessment. Consider venues for disseminating and sharing your primary research, data set and outcomes on campus, in your profession and digitally. Consider potential collaboration with undergraduate and graduate students, departmental, university and international partners, as well as off-campus colleagues within your field. Develop a budget. Discuss significant issues with your chair: financial, spatial, human resources, equipment, materials, and travel expenses. Determine the feasibility of your agenda. Discuss working through the department and the Foundation to build support and connections. Build support through a grant or external funding, if appropriate.

Institutional Support for Faculty Research and Scholarship

Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Programs

The Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Programs supports scholarly activities in the following ways:

Grant research and application.

John Heinrichs Scholarly and Creative Activities Day or SACAD is a showcase and competition for FHSU scholarship featuring posters and creative achievements.

Undergraduate Research Experience: provides grants for faculty lead research involving undergraduate students.

Summer Research/Creative Activity Grant Development Fund applications can be obtained through OSSP. To compete for funds in this area, discuss your project with your chair and then apply through the on-line application form when the application is announced.

Institutional Review Board (IRB): This is the university committee charged with oversight of all research compliance involving human subjects.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): This is the university committee charged with oversight of all research compliance involving animals in research.

Export Controls: Monitors compliance with Federal laws concerning exports and deemed exports of goods and technology.

Leslie Paige
Coordinator, OSSP
      Karry Wasinger
General Council


Reassigned Time

By applying for reassigned time, faculty members can periodically reduce their semester teaching load from four courses to three in order to complete projects.

Track I reassignment occurs within a department and utilizes a one semester shift of faculty time for the equivalent of one course covered by existing resources.

Track II reassignment is a competitive application in which the university provides funding to cover the reassignment of usually the equivalent of one course. Applications are available to faculty members each semester. Contact your Chair for support and the appropriate forms. (Reassigned Time Policy)

CIRP or cumulative in-load reassignment plan is a Reassigned Time fund that offers release time for faculty who have mentored students on research projects outside of their teaching load. The process is similar to the traditional re-assigned time procedures with an additional expectation that the faculty would provide a report of the time spent with students on their research. (Reassigned Time Policy)


Faculty Development Fund

Funding is available to faculty members for travel assistance to attend and present at conferences. Resources including books, software and knowledge or skill-base courses focused on teaching are additional appropriate requests from this fund. Applications are accepted quarterly through a Lotus Notes form. Ask your department chair how to access the proper forms and for departmental financial support. Departmental investment in a research agenda is viewed favorably throughout the rest of the funding process. College deans may contribute their financial support through this process. An annual limit per individual is established each year depending on budget considerations, so it is wise to prioritize the events and expenses you expect to incur. Proposals are evaluated on the scope of the event, the involvement of the individual in the event and their research agenda.

Faculty Awards

Paid leaves of absence for one or two semesters to pursue scholarly activity is a competitive process evaluated through the Faculty Development Fund. Contact your Chair and the Provost's Office for an application. The current FHSU-AAUP Memorandum Of Agreement contains the operational guidelines for the administration of these awards. (Leave Policy).

Unpaid Leave is similar to a sabbatical leave, but without the financial support of the sabbatical funding. Begin your planning with a visit to your chair and apply on-line. Contact your chair and the Provost's Office to discuss Unpaid Leave.

President's Distinguished Scholar Award: The President supports scholarship through the President's Distinguished Scholar award. This award is announced every August at the Fall general faculty meeting. Faculty are nominated for this award in the prior spring semester and reviewed by a committee of the five previous winners and chaired by the Provost.

Each semester a $500 Outstanding Research Award is given to a faculty member. Winners of the Outstanding Research Award become eligible for consideration for the Faculty Member of the Year Award.

The John Heinrichs Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award is awarded at Fall convocation.

Share Your Research

We encourage all faculty members to share examples of their scholarship with the campus. Please submit your news to Campus News at http://www.fhsu.edu/submit-news/ or email them at FHSUnews@fhsu.edu. To share a press release, send it to University Relations.

FHSU Scholars Repository
FHSU Scholars Repository managed by Forsyth Library seeks to collect and preserve the creative and scholarly works of the FHSU community and to make these works available to a global audience. For more information about the repository and how to submit work, e-mail Jennifer Sauer or phone 785-628-5262.

Sabbatical presentations of the scholarly productivity of faculty members during their paid leaves are expected. ( Sabbatical Reports )

FHSU Faculty Research Association is an organization that regularly hosts book signings, research presentations, and informal social gatherings where creative, interdisciplinary collaboration occurs. To become a member, contact Josephine Squires at 785-628-5394 or j_squires@fhsu.edu



FHSU has campus publications devoted to research:

The Graduate School Blog, www.fhsugraduateschool.com, welcomes articles and news about faculty research matters.

Fort Hays Studies, an occasionally published long-standing monograph series, addresses scholarly topics of particular relevance to the Hays community or to Western Kansas.

The Teacher/Scholar: Journal of the State Comprehensive University is an online and print journal. Articles are housed in the Scholars Repository.

Journal of International and Interdisciplinary Business Research is an online peer-reviewed journal produced by the Fort Hays State University College of Business & Entrepreneurship. http://scholars.fhsu.edu/jiibr/

Scholarship in the Faculty Lounge
The Faculty Lounge is located on the second floor of Memorial Union. Members of faculty are encouraged to display their scholarship in the lounge. Contact the Scholarship Environment Committee chair to arrange for display at lmganstrom@fhsu.edu or 785-628-4273.

The President's Home
The FHSU president has graciously invited faculty to house examples of their scholarship in their home on campus. To display your research in the presidents home, please contact your chair or dean.

Charmion Arthur
Coordinator of Campus Interior Design

The Scholarship Environment Committee is the university level committee charged with oversight of the scholarly environment at the university. Committee Bylaws and Charge.


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