Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities

Fort Hays State University faculty members are teachers and scholars whose research and creative contributions earn accolades and respect on state, national and international levels.

FHSU's Commitment to Scholarship
Because we recognize the value of having scholars who love to teach, and because we regard highly the Boyer model of scholarship, Fort Hays State University strongly supports scholarly activities to a degree that is uncommon among state-funded regional universities. Institutional support resources for research include:

FHSU is a place where the symbiotic relationship between teaching and scholarship is not only understood, but also cultivated. Another expression of our commitment to nurturing scholarship includes the recent establishment of the Research Environment Committee, a standing committee that continuously explores ways to help faculty members do the work that they love.

The Boyer Model of Scholarship
Fort Hays State University values the Boyer model of scholarship. In this model, developed by Ernest Boyer, recognition of scholarship goes beyond the scholarship of discovery and includes the contribution of other vital modes of scholarship:

  • The scholarship of discovery that includes original research that advances knowledge;
  • The scholarship of integration that involves synthesis of information across disciplines, across topics within a discipline, or across time;
  • The scholarship of application (also later called the scholarship of engagement) that goes beyond the service duties of a faculty member to those within or outside the University and involves the rigor and application of disciplinary expertise with results that can be shared with and/or evaluated by peers; and
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning that the systematic study of teaching and learning processes. It differs from scholarly teaching in that it requires a format that will allow public sharing and the opportunity for application and evaluation by others.
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