2011 Research and Creative Activities Week Winners

KAMS Category

1st Place - A Comparison of Mitigation Strategies in Response to a Bioterrorist Attack Utilizing Variola Major at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Presenters: Kathryn Schmidt & Alexis Greb-Honham
2nd Place Game Theory Presenters: Ben Davis & Andi Darden 3rd Place Retinal Damage Due to Lasers. Presenters: Bailey Spickler, Mersadez Tanner, & Dr. Gavin Buffington

Undergraduate Category

1st Place - Factors That Contribute to Diabetes Throughout Kansas. Presenters: Valerie McAtee & Dr. John Heinrichs
2nd Place - What Are You Hiding? Presenters: Katelyn Clark & Jana Snyder
3rd - Place Rags to Riches - Bill Eastman's Hawaiian Plant Specimens Rediscovered at Fort Hays. Presenter: Karina M. Barrett

URE Category

1st Place - Effects of Spilled Oil on Respiration and Photosynthesis in Coastal Wetland Grasses. Presenters: Keri Caudle & Dr. Brian Maricle
2nd Place - Mycorrhization Rates of Two Grasses Following Alterations in Moisture Inputs in Southern Mixed Grass Prairie. Presenters: Heath Owens & Dr. Jordge LaFantasie
3rd Place - Are You My Nurse? Presenters: Megan Casey & Aubrey Hageman

Graduate Category

1st Place - Preliminary Analysis of Playa Wetland Functionality using Landsat Data. Presenter: Benjamin F. Grover
2nd Place - Response to Intervention in Kansas Public Schools: A Survey. Presenters: Emily Shoemaker & Dr. Jayne Brandel
3rd Place - Spectral Change Detection of Kansas Wetlands from 1990 to 2009 Presenter: Dustin Reagan

Faculty Category

1st Place - Oropharyngeal Residue and Hydration Status: Is there a Connection? Presenters: Kyleigh Cole & Phillip R. Sechtem
2nd Place - On Teaching a Totally Blind Student Physical & Historical Geology. Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Neuhauser
3rd Place - Perceived Healthy Work Environments of Nurses with 3-10 Years Experience. Presenter: Christine Hober

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