Motor Pool


  • A copy of the FHSU Policy on Use of State Vehicles is in each vehicle and on-line.
  • The Motor Pool Fleet consists of (15) cars; (1) 7-passenger mini-van; (1) 8-passenger van; (4) 12-passenger vans; and a Ryder truck. The Ryder truck may be checked out for local use only. There is a $20/day charge to use the truck on campus and in the city limits of Hays.
  • There is a minimum fee of $11.50/day for cars, if the car does not travel more than 50 miles per day; a minimum fee of $15.00/day for the mini-van, if the van does not travel more than 50 miles per day; and a minimum fee of $20.50/day for the 8- and 12-passenger vans, if those vans do not travel more than 50 miles per day, when reserved for travel.

    Mileage rates for fleet vehicles are:


Cars .23 cents/mile + fuel
Mini-van (7-passenger) .30 cents/mile + fuel
Van (8-passenger) .41 cents/mile + fuel
Van (12-passenger) .41 cents/mile + fuel
Ryder truck (campus and Hays city limits) no charge
  • The July fuel rate is: $2.58/gal for Motor Pool vehicles and $2.69/gal for departmental vehicles.
  • Miles traveled and Cost of Fuel can be viewed on the completed Transportation Requisition form in Workday.
  • Vehicles may be reserved by FHSU employees. Simply fill out a Transportation Requisition in Workday (go to External Resources, Motor Pool, Transportation Requisition Voucher Form.)
  • Vehicles must be picked up from and returned to the Motor Pool at the appointed times.
  • A credit card is in the glove compartment for gasoline purchases. All credit card sales slips must be attached to the clipboard in the glove compartment.
  • Be sure to enter the ending mileage on the vehicle log. Please list the total number of gallons of gas purchased and the total price on the vehicle log. Use a separate page for any comments about the vehicle.
  • Kindly give 24 hours' notice, if a reserved vehicle will not be needed. A waiting list is maintained and adequate notice may allow someone else to utilize a vehicle.
  • State employees are covered by insurance purchased by the state only when they are acting within the scope of their authority or within the course of their employment. Insurance purchased by the State does not necessarily eliminate the desirability of the individual to whom the vehicle is assigned having additional protection by a "drive other vehicle" endorsement on his own insurance.



Motor Pool Hours

Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Please arrange to pick up vehicle keys during these hours.
  • Always return a car to the stall corresponding to the car tag number.
  • By University policy, large vans are allowed to carry only 12 passengers, including the driver.





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