Whether the goal is energy savings, saving money on paper products, or keeping the campus clean and litter-free, wise use of resources is a priority at FHSU.


The recycling goal at FHSU is to reduce solid, hazardous, and animal waste quantities as much as possible. Programs of re-using, recycling and surplusing not only reduce landfill needs but have many practical and environmental benefits. These programs support our "Clean and Green" campus philosophy and represent the right thing to do. Reduction and re-use play an important role in any successful recycling program that is designed for campus-wide ownership, is easy to participate in, and is intended to be perpetual.

Paper to be Recycled

  • Office paper (colored and white)
  • Newspaper
  • Periodicals
  • Texts (hardback and paperback)
  • Computer paper
  • All cardboard materials

Paper Products NOT to be Recycled

  • Waxed paper
  • Carbon paper
  • Enameled paper
  • Petroleum-based paper (cellophane or clear sheets)

Please do not put plastic bags, glass or metal in blue-striped recycling dumpsters.


Paper Reduction and Reuse Tips

  • Copy multi-page documents as two-sided pages
  • Reuse single-sided waste paper to print drafts and unofficial documents
  • Reuse single-sided paper for hand-written meeting notes
  • Reuse single-sided waste paper for scratch paper

Paper/Cardboard Tonnage Recycled at FHSU

  • FY 08 - 114.23 tons
  • FY 09 - 98.81 tons
  • FY 10 - 94.28 tons
  • FY 11 - 92.56 tons
  • FY 12 - 94.80 tons
  • FY 13 - 115.97 tons
  • FY 14 - 104.41 tons
  • FY 15 - 102.00 tons
  • FY 16 - 117.06 tons
  • FY 17 - 99.75 tons


Paper and cardboard recycling at Fort Hays State University is done in conjunction with the recycling program for the city of Hays.

Other Recycling at FHSU

The following waste streams are also recycled:

  • Waste oil (licensed vendor)
  • Fire extinguisher powder
  • Refrigerants (Montreal Protocol)
  • Silver recovery
  • Batteries (Nicad and lead/acid)
  • Toner (manufacturer return)
  • Ferrous scrap metal
  • Scrap lumber
  • Aluminum cans (individuals and service organizations)
  • Yard waste (with city of Hays)
  • Plastic

Electronic Recycling
The EPA has issued guidelines for dealing with Electronic Recycling and mandatory standards will be forthcoming.

FHSU recycles used electronic equipment at the City of Hays Recycling Center. While computers (monitors, CPUs and keyboards) are the main thrust of this effort, any electronic equipment will be considered, barring environmental or health hazards. The following items are examples of items that may be recycled:

  1. Computers
  2. Projectors
  3. Vacuums
  4. DVDs, Tape Players, CD Players, VCRs
  5. Window A/C (Montreal Protocol for CFCs)
  6. Audio/Visual Equipment
  7. Power Tools
  8. Copiers
  9. Typewriters
  10. Cell Phones (minus batteries)

The University's commitment to this program will be: 1) provide the recycler with unbroken, non-hazardous electronic equipment, and 2) provide manpower to gather recyclable products to a secured location.

The Physical Plant work order system will be utilized for university departments to request pick-up of electronic equipment for recycling. FHSU does not recycle electronics for individuals or businesses. Some electronics may be recycled by the public at the Ellis County Landfill, located at 1515 W. 55th Street (1 mile north of 41st Street & Hall Street, in Hays). Please call 785-628-9460 if you have questions about what may be recycled at the public landfill.

University personnel with questions about the recycling program at Fort Hays State University, please contact the Grounds Department at (785) 628-4279, or Roy Ibarra, Environmental/Safety Officer at (785) 628-4333.

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