Ben Franklin Papers

American Democracy Project staff partners with the Department of Teacher Education, and Forsyth Library to provide an annual educational event for Hays area 5th graders. The event is inspired by two original, handwritten letters from Ben Franklin, located in Forsyth Library. Inventions and history become the theme for the day with the central focal point being the two letters.
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Constitution Day

The U.S. Constitution’s powerful framework for establishing and preserving liberty stands as a beacon for democracy. Each year ADP celebrates the traditions and innovations of the Constitution through Constitution Week activities. A variety of activities take place including speakers, trivia contests and t-shirt giveaways.

Times Talk 

Times Talk Logo Timely and compelling topics from the headlines of the New York Times are featured during brownbag lunches. Politics, current events, art, business, virtually any topic covered in the Times will be presented and discussed with professionals from all disciplines. Free pizza, salad, and water for the first 20 attendees is provided by the New York Times.


Facebook®, Wikis, blogs and a host of other technology-based tools are transforming the ways that citizens interact with others and with government. Indeed, technology is transforming our democracy. With eCitizenship thirty-four institutions will come together and study how emerging technologies, particularly social networks, support and facilitate civic and political engagement. The main goal of this initiative is to provide insights into strategies for engaging students in the use of social networks and technology tools for civic purposes.


Free copies of the New York Times and The Hays Daily News are provided to FHSU students every Monday through Friday to insure students stay informed on current issues and community affairs. The newspapers are also integrated into curriculum across campus. Online versions of these papers are also available at New York Times and Hays Daily News. Readership Transparent

Talking Democracy

Through our on-campus TV station, KFHS, we produce a weekly public affairs show, Talking Democracy. This program is committed to promoting democracy and engaging area citizens through public dialogue. Focusing on local and global issues, Talking Democracy draws on the talents and expertise of individuals from FHSU, Hays and the surrounding communities of western Kansas.

Civic Engagement Day

Civic Engagemant Week Activities throughout civic engagement week focus on recognition of students involved in civic activities as well as education about how to become more civically involved. Select speakers present messages of civic engagement and opportunities for service-learning are discussed.

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations is a multidisciplinary "student-directed educational activity" where students role-play as United Nations delegates addressing global issues. Students participate in the Midwest Model United Nations (MMUN) simulation conference. Participants gain knowledge of the United Nations, leadership skills, and obtain a deeper understanding of global issues. For more info on this class or the student organization, contact

Seven Revolutions

An outgrowth of FHSU’s participation in ADP, Seven Revolutions is a class that examines the Center for Strategic and International Studies’ trends in seven areas believed to “shape the world and challenge world leaders through the year 2025 and beyond.” These areas include: population, resource management and environmental stewardship, technological innovation and diffusion, the flow of information and knowledge, economic integration, the nature and mode of conflict, and the challenge of governance. Seven Revs

Public Forums

We bring the city and university together for stimulating conversations on controversial topics like immigration and alternative energy sources. Featuring nationally known and local speakers, we strive to bring insight and civil discussion to the important political topics of the day.

Great Decisions 

A collaboration of the FHSU Department of History and the Center for Civic Leadership, Great Decisions is a group of academic courses that study great decisions in history as a way of teaching leadership. The courses are based on materials from the Eisenhower and Truman Presidential Museum. Great Decisions
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