Equal Employment Office

Administration of the Program

The president of FHSU is ultimately responsible for the university's Equal Employment Program.

The Equal Employment officer will assume implementation and monitoring of the program and will work closely with the provost to ensure that all matters relating to academic, administrative, and general service staff are in compliance with the program.

The Equal Employment officer shall, with the concurrence of the Equal Employment Committee and the president, appoint an individual to serve as "ad hoc" Equal Employment officer in the event the Equal Employment officer is unable to serve due to a conflict of interest. The "ad hoc" Equal Employment officer should be kept informed on matters relating to enforcement of policy and be willing to act on a "volunteer" basis.

The Equal Employment officer should be aware of the potential for conflict of interest to arise in the course of a complaint alleging a violation of the Equal Employment Equal Employment or Harassment Policies. A conflict of interest could arise if the complaint involved any relative of the Equal Employment officer, if the complaint is alleged against the affirmative action officer, or if the complaint involved any person with which the officer has had previous adverse dealings. The affirmative action officer should be alert to the appearance of a conflict of interest and will be disqualified from the proceedings if such an appearance would exist.

The equal employment officer's responsibilities include:

  1. administering the plan and providing assistance to all levels of management in all departments and units of the university in carrying out provisions of the program;
  2. serving as liaison between the university and enforcement agencies, minority and women's organizations, and community action groups concerned with employment opportunities of minorities, women, disabled persons, and veteran status (Vietnam Era and/or special disabled).
  3. keeping administration informed of the latest developments in the equal opportunity field;
  4. auditing of hiring and promotion patterns to ensure that the goals and objectives of the plan are met
  5. developing policy statements for presidential approval, Equal Employment Programs, and internal and external communication techniques;
  6. maintaining audit and reporting systems that will:
    a. measure compliance with the goals of Equal Employment.
    b. identify deficiencies and the need for remedial action.
    c. measure progress toward goal accomplishment;
  7. compiling and distributing periodic reports on the status of women and minorities, disabled persons, and veterans (Vietnam Era and/or special disabled) of the university;
  8. supervising the initiation of complaint procedures;
  9. assisting in the identification of problem areas and arriving at appropriate solutions;
  10. assisting in the establishment of unit and departmental Equal Employment goals and objectives;
  11. providing coordination for the external and internal dissemination of information concerning the university's Affirmative Action Program and equal employment opportunity policies.

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