Area of Emphasis: Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems

To receive an emphasis in Computer Information Systems or Management Information Systems, the student must complete 12 credit hours from the department of Accounting and Information Systems. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

MIS 201 Business Software Development I (3)
An introductory course designed to introduce students to the complexities of business software development.  Solving logical, business-related problems and applying programming techniques are the main objectives of the course.

CIS 203 Topics in Computer Information Systems (3)

Course will provide in-depth study of a particular topic in the study of computer information systems. Course title and topic of student will be displayed in the class schedule. 

MIS 304 Management Information Systems I (3)
The study of: information systems usage and management; information-based support systems and information systems requirements; management of information systems; and advanced considerations in the evaluation and selection of information systems. JUNIOR STANDING

CIS 320 Electronic Commerce (3)
This course provides a broad coverage of key business and technology elements for creating and maintaining an electronic commerce site. Current issues in electronic commerce infrastructure, security options, management techniques, marketing strategies, and payment systems are presented and discussed. The course will provide case studies to demonstrate successful implementation of electronic storefronts. PR., Junior standing.

BCOM 300 Spreadsheet Applications or ISA 310 Database Applications (3)
A comprehensive study of the major features of spreadsheet applications.  Students will learn how to operate spreadsheet application software as used in business.  Major features will cover the creation, usage, maintenance and management of spreadsheets.  Decision-making and problem-solving skills are integrated throughout the course. PR., MIS 101 or equivalent

MIS 301 Business Software Development II (3)
As a continuation course, Business Software Development II introduces students to a complex programming environment and object creation/modification.  Students will learn how to apply information solutions in common business scenarios using a standardized, high-demand programming environment.  Requisite Information:  PR., MIS 201

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