Area of Emphasis: Media Studies

To receive an emphasis in Media Studies, the student must complete 12 credit hours from the Departments of Communication Studies and Information Networking and Telecommunications. A sample of courses might include but are not limited to:

COMM128 Mass Media in a Free Society (3)
Survey course examining newspapers, magazines, and other areas of print and mass communications. Basic principles of journalism writing are considered. Requisite Information: Email, Internet access, Real Player Basic, Word Processing, Video and/or audio capabilities, ability to access YouTube

INF 140 Introduction to Electronic Media (3)
This course presents an overview of the operations and history of the radio and television industry and its evolution to new media. It surveys contemporary media communication, strategy, industry issues, and policy issues. It also provides an introduction to the impact of the convergence of technologies in the electronic media.

COMM318 Intro to Organizational Communication (3)
Analysis of the functions of communication in organizational settings. Emphasis is placed on organizational structures and their effect on the communication process. Requisite Information: Email Power Point viewer, Windows Media Player, Real Player Basic, Adobe Acrobat Reader

COMM 240 News Reporting: (3)

Beginning course in recognizing, gathering, and writing news. Outside reporting required. Requisites: PR, COMM128.

INF 346 Video Production (3)

The student is introduced to the techniques of video production including practical application
of instruction.

INF 348 Beginning Audio Production (3)
The study of audio production and the integration of technology-based techniques for the purpose of designing, implementing and producing effective and attractive audio presentations. Course material is targeted toward information networking and communication majors or those disciplines which utilize electronic media as communication tools.

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