ONLINE Bachelor of Science in Medical Diagnostic Imaging

In today's dynamic health care environment, many hospitals seek to employ radiologic technologists trained in two or more skilled areas. With the completion of a four-year degree in Medical Diagnostic Imaging, your opportunities for career advancement may greatly increase. Fort Hays State University offers you one of the few entirely online degree completion programs for Medical Diagnostic Imaging in the country.

This program enables you to pursue cross-training in various areas of advanced imaging, including course sequences in bone densitometry (BD), cardiovascular interventional technology (CVIT), computed tomography (CT), mammography (M), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).


The online B.S. in Medical Diagnostic Imaging requires a minimum of 124 Credit Hours for graduation, including:

University General Education Requirements: 55 Credit Hours
Cognate courses: 6 Credit Hours
Medical Diagnostic Imaging Core Courses: 30 Credit Hours
Free Electives: 33 Credit Hours

Curriculum for the Online B.S. in Medical Diagnostic Imaging

General Education Courses: 55 Credit Hours
Specified General Education Courses: 2(2 Credit Hours)

  • BIOL 100 Human Biology (3 Credit Hours)
  • BIOL 102 Lab Experiences in Biology (1 Credit Hour)
  • INF 101 Intro to Computer Information Systems (3 Credit Hours)
  • COMM 100 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3 Credit Hours)
  • ENG 101 English Composition I (3 Credit Hours)
  • ENG 102 English Composition II (3 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 200 Personal Wellness (3 Credit Hours)
  • MATH 110 College Algebra (3 Credit Hours)

Unspecified General Education Courses: 30 Credit Hours

  • PSY 100 General Psychology (Recommended)

Upper Division Integrative Courses: (3 Credit Hours)

  • IDS 400 Bioethics (Recommended)

Department Cognate Courses (required): 6 Credit Hours

  • BIOL 230 Human Anatomy & Physiology (3 Credit Hours)
  • BIOL 232 Anatomy of Humans Laboratory (1 Credit Hour)
  • BIOL 245 Medical Terminology (2 Credit Hours)

Department/Major Requirements
30 Credit Hours

Select a minimum of 30 Credit Hours from the following:

  • RAD 410VA Cross Sectional Anatomy: Normal (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 411VA Sectional Pathology and Variant Anatomy (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 412VA CT Procedures (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 413VA Computed Tomography Physics and Instrumentation (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 417VA Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physics and Instrumentation (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 419 Mammography for Radiologic Technologists (blended course) (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 420VA Leadership & Management of Radiology (3 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 422VA Advanced Patient Care for Imaging Professionals (2 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 423VA Bone Densitometry Techniques (2 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 424VA Advanced Mammography (2 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 426VA Advanced Cardiovascular Interventional Technology (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 427VA CVIT Pathology and Case Review (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 428VA Principles of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 429VA Digital Radiography (2 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 430VA PACS Administration (2 Credit Hours
  • RAD 432VA Managing Change in Healthcare (4 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 472VD Emerging Issues in Healthcare Administration (3 Credit Hours)
  • RAD 431 VA MRI Procedures (4 Credit Hours)
  • Free Electives: 33 Credit Hours

TOTAL: 124 Credit Hours

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