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Dr. Mary Martin

Professor of Marketing

Contact Information:Mary Martin_New
Office: McCartney Hall 315
Office Phone: 785-628-5877

Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1995
M.B.A. Fort Hays State University, 1991
B.S. Advertising, Kansas State University, 1988

Courses Taught:
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Content and Analytics
Database Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Management (MBA)

Research Activities:
Effects of Advertising on Children
Innovative Teaching Strategies


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Dr. Martin is a Professor of Marketing at FHSU. She teaches Social Media Marketing, Social Media Marketing Content and Analytics, Marketing Management, Marketing Strategy, and Database Marketing. Prior to joining the faculty at FHSU, Dr. Martin was co-founder of a strategic consulting firm in Charlotte, NC that offered clients marketing plans, marketing research, organizational strategy, business plans, and e-business seminars. Prior to that, she was Director of Marketing for a company that produced interior decorative coatings for aircraft. While there, she developed web-driven and traditional marketing strategies, including website promotion, design, construction, and maintenance. Dr. Martin was previously a member of the graduate faculty of The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNC Charlotte) and Winthrop University. Her research interests include e-business, the effects of advertising on children, and innovative teaching strategies. Dr. Martin has published her research in such journals as the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, The Journal of Advertising, Psychology and Marketing, Global Journal of Business Pedagogy, Journal of Case Studies, The Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, The Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Journal of E-Business, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, Journal of Business and Leadership: Research, Practice, and Teaching, The Journal of Educators Online, Southwestern Business Administration Journal, and Research in Consumer Behavior.

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